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Hello from the Washington, DC International Auto Show!

Posted in Auto Show, Chevrolet, EcoLust, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Emissions, Environment by MrAngry | January 26th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

So I’m down here in Washington, DC covering the DC International Auto Show for RideLust.com and I have to say that this is one big eco friendly gathering. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in the nations capital and surrounded by all those who strive to do right for the world… or maybe they are just down here to do right for themselves… hell, I don’t know. Either way though there are hybrids, electric cars and clean diesels everywhere – it’s actually quite impressive

The obvious contenders were all present and accounted for. Chevrolet was pimping out a version of the their eagerly awaited hybrid electric vehicle, the VOLT. Their display was small but impressive enough, as I could actually get in and get some photo’s of both the drive train and interior. I even got a chance to sit in the cabin and I’m happy to report that there is room in there, as my 6’4″ body fit just fine.

The interior, while obviously pre-production, was quite nice looking as was the overall look and feel. Interior room was also impressive both for front and rear passengers with a very sporty feel to it. As far as being a sporty car to drive, well, that has yet to be seen. Chevy seems to be moving in the right direction though.

Rear cargo space was ample as well, though I can’t imagine Chevrolet would leave that open space between the rear seats.

As a die hard muscle car guy I have to say that I am not a big fan of hybrids, but that my first impressions of the Volt are actually quite good. The styling, both interior and exterior wise is quite nice without being overdone – roominess is impressive as well. The key now is to see if Chevrolet can actually produce it and make it as good as we all hope it is. Time will tell as the VOLT is supposed to be released by the end of the year.

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