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Heiwa Custom Bikes From Japan

Posted in Custom, Honda, Motorcycle by Vito Rispo | November 28th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

I was browsing the autoblogosphere and came across Heiwa Custom Bikes via Hell For Leather, and man, I was floored. They take older bikes like Hondas and Kawasakis and customize them with high-quality fittings. The results are beautiful.

These are some of the nicest custom motorcycles I’ve seen in a while. Most of the custom bikes here in the US or in the UK are cruisers or choppers with an extreme rake and a bunch of chrome. The Heiwa bikes are mostly old standard naked bikes and the quality comes from the little bits like custom shifters and switches and exhausts and random fittings like that. BTW, if any Ridelusters out there can speak Japanese, let us know, I’d love to get a translation of this website.

Here’s a selection of their work:

via Heiwa Motorcycles

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