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Heelys Associated with Injuries in Pre-Teens

Posted in General, Scooters, Toys by will bee | June 5th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

A recent article on MSNBC.COMdiscussed the hazards to children of shoes with the wheels in the heel. The most recognized brand of these shoes, Heelys, Inc., have been linked to numerous injuries in young people around the world. Those injuries have ranged from the usual scrapes and bruises to broken bones and head contusions.

To Heelys defense there is a warning sticker on their shoes that proper protection is encouraged, but who heeds those things.

heelys warning label

Here are some questions to ponder:
Are Heelys really any more dangerous than a bicycle or skateboard or trampoline? How many years did it take from the invention of the bicycle for helmets to be a standard piece of equipment when riding? What would the impact be of applying those same safety precautions to Heelys? How many pre-teens are willing to be caught heeling through the Mall with a Heeling Helmet and wrist and knee pads?

 heelys shoes

As a mode of transportation the use of a Heely is right up there with the Razor Scooter. They are novel ideas that will come and go just as other gimmicks and fashions. In the meantime parents need to educate themselves on what Heelys really are and the inherent hazards associated with them. Then maybe they should contemplate  whether they want their child to be one of these Heelers running down innocent shoppers at the Target or Wal-Mart in their home town.


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