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HearseCon: Because Sometimes A Hoon’s Freak Knob Goes To 11

Posted in Bizarre, Cadillac, car modifications, Cool Stuff, Custom, Funny Videos, General, Girls, Road Trips by Kurt Ernst | May 14th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Not everyone is into cars that go fast; some motorheads appreciate a ride with a bit more class, some serenity, and a big honkin’ back seat in which to go heels-to-Jesus. If rolling in a hearse is your thing, then check out Hearseclub and leave the weekend of June 19th open for a road trip to Englewood, Colorado. HearseCon 2010 sounds like my kind of stupid, complete with plenty of pierced chicks in black leather to swap tattoo stories with. If you don’t have a hearse already, then you’d best get your ass over to eBay, because I don’t these guys will have a sense of humor if you roll up in a Prius.

Lindsey demonstrates the Heimlich manuever on Amber. Photo: HearseClub

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