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Hearse Driver Sacked For Smoking On The Job

Posted in Newsworthy, Roads, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | September 3rd, 2008 | 1 Response |

Last November, Scott Ralston of Glasglow, Scotland was fired from his position at Cooperative Funeral Care after he was observed by senior management burning rubber in the company hearse. During this particular incident, the hearse was loaded to maximum capacity carrying 6 total passengers, only two of whom possessed functioning respiratory systems. According to Ralston, while maneuvering the weighty hearse over the funeral home’s polished concrete drive, he inadvertently squealed a wheel. “It was a smooth concrete floor,” said Ralston, “[Tires] squeal there about 40 times a day and I was doing no more than six or seven miles an hour.” His reasoning fell on deaf ears, however, and after returning from a 21 day suspension related to the incident, Ralston was released from employment. Anticipating a fully apology from the higher-ups, Ralston was shocked when he they dismissed him for “driving in a reckless fashion.” So outraged was Ralston, he plead his case before the local employment tribunal and was recently awarded £30,000 [$53,160] when they found in his favor. Obviously unhappy with the decision, Cooperative Funeral Care maintained their reasons for terminating Ralston’s employment were justified. “Treating the deceased with the utmost dignity and respect is of paramount importance and is reflected in our staff training. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we felt that to drive a vehicle carrying four deceased in such a manner in the funeral home’s premises was totally unacceptable.”

[News Source: Lancashire Evening Post]

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