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Have trailer hitch accessories gone to far?

Posted in General by will bee | July 12th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

There seems to be no stopping the number of crass accessories that can come to the market to cover up that seemingly unsightly trailer hitch ball or receptacle beneath the bumper of many trucks and SUV’s today.  Years ago you would just cover the ball at the end of your hitch with a tennis ball and call it a day. In todays world filled with crap stores on every corner there is no end to the options available. Let’s take a little stroll about the market place… here are a few samples of fine Hitch Accessories:

First we have the Brake Light Skull… giving your ride a touch of Bling (do we still use that word today?) with a dark-sided warning of “Back Off! I’m Braking here.”

Next we have a well-seated Kicking Deer… to provide your little hunter co-pilot something to practice his aim at while riding with daddy hunter:
Deer Hitch Accessories

Then there is the “Got Beer” Hitch Accessory… which in no way promotes drinking and driving because it requires the driver to stop in order to use it:
Got Beer Hitch Cover

But this following example is what really takes the Hitch Accessory beyond its necessary limits. Is it not bad enough that people have begun to question certain parts of the male anatomy for having fast cars and big trucks? Now we have this Hitch Accessory that only adds to the theory that men are making up for their own “inadequacies” with their over-sized trucks:
Ballsy Hitch Accessories

If you are in possession of either of the first three samples of hitch accessories… well more power and amusement to you. However, if this last example of a Hitch Accessory is dangling from the back of your truck I must share the ever memorable quote a college roommate once uttered near me on just such an occasion:

Sorry about your penis.
~Thanks, Tim~

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2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Hehe.. I’ve seen alot of trucks in Texas that had the hanging.. well.. balls.. the ones like in the pic above and another one made of stainless steel. Girls aren’t too impressed with them dangling about.. especially the one above in it’s red wrinkled not so flattering looks. Tim’s words are close to what I would say.. “The guy must have a small penis” or compensating for something else in that matter…

  2. Andres Roizental says:

    i wanna buy red balls for muy car, where can i buy it?