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Haulin’ Ass in a Red Radio Flyer!

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Red Radio Flyer Hot Rod

Sometimes a vehicle comes along that simply makes our jaws drop to the floor. To do this however means that we’re not only looking at something special, but that the particular vehicle in question has broken the mold in terms of coolness and desirability. It also means that if given the opportunity we’d absolutely part with some of our hard earned green backs to possess it. Take this wicked rendition of a Red Radio Flyer wagon built by one Toby Hall. Apparently the idea came to him after watching an episode of the now defunct sitcom Tool Time whereby Tim Allen received a miniature motorized wagon for Christmas.

Red Radio Flyer Hot Rod

The wagon was built on a full custom tube frame that utilizes a VW 1641 cc flat-four mill with a turbo off of a Renault 5. Since this thing weighs about as much as a ripe watermelon you can bet your ass that this little red wagon will haul a hell of a lot more than just the two bodies strapped into the custom aluminum seats.

Red Radio Flyer Hot Rod

Another key mention is that big silver handle that you see jutting off the front. You see this can serve as both a fully functional tow handle if the wagon is being towed by another vehicle or a simple hand pull if you’re feeling especially strong that day. One thing that we know is that we’d have absolutely no problem running this baby through the streets of New York City simply for shits and giggles. After all, isn’t that why play toys like this are built in the first place?

Source: ArtCarCentral.com

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