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Harley-Davidson XR1200 Finally For Sale In The US

Posted in Harley Davidson, Motorcycle, Newsworthy, Sportbikes by Vito Rispo | November 24th, 2008 | 4 Responses |

Just as the American auto industry is wheezing out it’s death rattle, the American motorcycle industry is taking steps toward positive change. Maybe they saw how GM’s failure to adapt with the times caused their downfall, who knows, whatever the reason, they’ve finally decided to sell the XR1200 sportster here in the US.

The bike has been available in Europe for a while now and the rumor is that 750 XR1200s will be set aside for sale in the US. Of course, there’s no formal word from HD headquarters yet concerning the US launch, but a quick call around to some friends at a local NJ Harley dealership confirmed that they will have some XR1200’s in stock by February of 2009. Price should be $11,179, but other than that, all we have are rumors. Check them out:

Stylistically, motorcycles are re-living the 1970s right now. Naked cafe racer style bikes are huge, every manufacturer has some classic replica or naked bike. One of Ducati’s top selling lines is the SportClassic line. And Harley is following in those footsteps with the XR1200, which is the spiritual successor of the 1970s flat track XR750. The XR1200 is HD’s most performance-oriented bike this year, and it’s about as close to a true sportsbike that Harley has come in a very long time.

The XR1200 uses the air-cooled 1200cc Sportster engine, but the chassis is actually able to manuever like a real bike, somethine that younger riders in the States want. Modern riders want more agile bikes and Harley’s straight line cruisers of old just aren’t cutting it anymore. Hopefully this bike will rejuvenate Harley Davidson’s sales, capture a new niche of riders, and take the company in a new direction of profitability.

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4 Responses

  1. Mathew Berens says:


    FInally. The knuckleheads on Juneau Ave may be getting a ticket for the clue bus. 700lb (+) motorcycles that can’t handle anything more than a trip to the local bar just aren’t cutting it any more. Oh, sure the Harley “Faithful” – read that, kitchen colander wearing, 250lb bearded neanderthals – will make a lot of noise, blah blah blah. With this bike, and the aquisition of MV Agusta (a very bold move in these economic times), it seems HD is finally starting to act like a player in the world market. Hooray for them. I think they can eventually get their performance specs up to Asian standards – especially if they start maximizing the strengths of one of their most important assets – Eric Buell. I can’t wait to swing my leg over the one that is going to be in my garage soon (after I get rid of that hideous orange paint and put on some flat black pipes).

  2. Harley Rider says:

    You voice my hope for this new design – that is attracts more purchasers and ensures the success of Harley Davidson. The current state of the market has taken it’s toll on the maker and hopefully this is enough to turn things around. I think it is a great idea and an ingenious design.

  3. Chris McGee says:

    Looks nice, although performance wise, it’s lacking without major modifications.

  4. USA-82A says:

    This bike seems a little too much, too late. The original street racer by H-D was the 1984-85 XR-1000. Much closer to the real XR-750 and much, much lighter that this (ahem) Sportster. If you really want to ride something that is the closest to the real thing, check out SHR’s Grand National.