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Harley-Davidson Forty Eight: The Pace Bike Of Choice For Canadian Roller Derby

Posted in General, Girls, Harley Davidson, Import Model Girls, Motorcycle, Videos by Kurt Ernst | June 12th, 2010 | 1 Response |

What better way to shoot the new retro Harley-Davidson Forty Eight than with a pack of roller derby girls? There’s probably a lot of better ways, but that’s besides the point. Our neighbors to the north have a different perspective on things, and who are we to question them? Blame it on the poutine and long winters.

Jim Croce summed it up best when describing a roller derby queen: “She was built like a ‘fridgerator with a head”. I wouldn’t call any of the girls in this video “fragile”, but sometimes you want a woman who can go the distance. The Forty Eight, which really should be the focus of the video (but isn’t), looks too small for some of the women in the pack. I wouldn’t tell them that, though, since I’ve grown rather fond of an unbroken nose and both testicles.

Photo: Harley-Davidson

I like the looks of the new Forty Eight, with its big tires, wire wheels, straight (looking) pipes, bobbed fenders and solo seat. It’s not a functional bike, since the 1.2 gallon peanut tank won’t get you very far, but it looks good sitting still. I’d like it more with the bigger motor, but I suppose the 1200 Sportster mill will get it down the road well enough. Is it for me? No, I’ll take a pass. Then again, I don’t like roller derby, poutine or cold winters, either.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

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One Response

  1. Trixie Vixen says:

    Cool! But It seriously should be a rockn roll grrrl ridn that bike & the music should be Bikini Kill. Roller Derby is a part of the riot Grrrrl movement as you know. The HD forty eight is for woman to right? I want one! Take care, ride safe. Grrrrrrrls : kick ass!