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Happy Easter from Ridelust.com

Posted in General by MrAngry | April 4th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Easter Bunny Mobile

Well it’s Easter Sunday and kids everywhere are waking up and running into family rooms all over the world to see if the big white Bunny left them some goodies in their Easter Baskets. For them it’s a time of fun and indulgence – a little chocolate doesn’t hurt either. We know that Santa Claus has a red sleigh, but I never knew what the Easter Bunny rolled in until this past week at the New York International Auto Show when I spied his car down on the lower level. It was surrounded by other celebrity cars like Kitt, the Monkee’s GTO and the Batmobile. I couldn’t believe my eyes, yet there it was in all it’s pink glory.

Arguably both Santa and the Easter Bunny cover the same amount of ground over night, which means this little bugger should be an animal in light to light competition. I wonder what it would take to get a drag race going between the Man in Red and the Big White Bunny. Heck, they could race for pinks!

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