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Gymkhana 0.2 : No Budget? No Problem!

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Gymkhana 0.2

A few years ago Ken Block burst onto the scene with his first gymkhana video. Since then there have been loads of imitators who have tried to upstage the DC Shoe mastermind. Unfortunately for them though an unlimited budget, access to some of the best camera men in the business and a fully sponsored rally car has stood in their way. That is… until now. This is Gymkhana 0.2 and to say it was done on the cheap would be an understatement. The car is worth about $6.00, the camera car about $12.00 and the props, paint and talent about $32.50. This means that for the grand total of a relatively expensive dinner for one, you too can now go out and shoot your very own Ken Block look-a-like video. The kicker here though is that it’s just as entertaining to watch as the original.

Source: Youtube.com

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