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Gumpert Tornante Gets Ready for Geneva.

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Gumpert Tornante by Touring Superleggera

I’m going to go out on a ledge hear and presume the majority of the people out there have never heard of Gumpert. It’s not really your fault as this German boutique automaker only produces one car. Granted it’s a rip-snorting fire-breathing one that makes over 700 hp and goes 223 mph, but that doesn’t change the fact that they suck at marketing it. I speak of course of the Gumpert Apollo, a car that looks like a kit car, but with performance that is anything but. Last year I had the rare opportunity to pilot this thing around Monticello Motor Club in upstate NY and while it’s ungodly fast, it was probably the most unrefined thing I’ve ever driven. Body panels didn’t line up correctly and it took a team of six guys just to get it going.

Gumpert Apollo
*Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert apparently realizes that the Apollo is not the most welcoming of super cars and is now seeking to change that with the soon-to-be unveiled Tornante. The Tornante will be first shown to the public at next months Geneva Auto Show, and Gumpert is promising that it will be a rock star. Designed by Italian coach builder Touring Superleggera, the Tornante will provide us with softer lines and a design that was based around pure efficiency. The goal of the Tornante is to compete with super high-end cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini and position itself as a company that can hang with the worlds elite. Power will come from a twin-turbo Audi 4.2 V8 that is said to make around 700 hp through a paddle shifted manual gearbox. I have no doubt the Tornante will be a stunner, but from a build quality standpoint and from what I’ve personally seen, Gumpert has a long way to go.

Source: Gixmag

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