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Gumpert Apollo Sets Nürburgring Record, Completely Forgets About Radical

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Gumpert Apollo 3

I love the Nürburgring pissing contest. I won’t be satisfied until some rocket-powered insanity kills a dozen heroes in the quest for a five-minute lap time. Gumpert, the brand which sounds slow in the head, is clearly quite fast on the track. On August 13th, their Apollo Sport set a new record for a road-legal production car of 7m11.57s. Only one problem. Didn’t the Radical SR8 do it in like, 6:55? Like, four years ago? Yes. But raining on the Gumparade is not enough. Cue the hail…

Less than one week after Florian Gruber piloted the 700 hp Apollo Sport, Radical was sitting at the starting line with an all-new SR8LM. You probably know where this is headed. Not only did driver Michael Vergers obliterate the Gumpert “record”, he also smashed his old time by over 7 seconds with a final lap time of 6m 48s. Track conditions were nearly perfect.

“The car was great, I could push really hard and it felt clearly faster than the previous SR8 in 2005,” said Vergers. “It’s fantastic that we’ve beaten the record; hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to return with Radical in the future.”

To prove that the Radical SR8LM was not just a purpose-built prototype, Vergers drove the car from England to Germany and back on the same Dunlop track tires used to set the record. Radical co-founder Mick Hyde commented, “We’ve proved that the SR8LM is not only the world’s best trackday car, but it’s also practical enough to drive to and from the circuit. It is a genuine production sportscar, with genuine performance credentials, as we’ve shown today.”

No shit.

[Radical via WCF]

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