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The World’s Fastest Production Car

Posted in Bugatti, Car Tech, Cars, Fast Cars, Luxury Cars by will bee | October 9th, 2007 | 120 Responses |

sscultimateaerott-front.jpg picture by willfusion

It seems the Bugatti Veyron will have to find a new unofficial claim to fame. Maybe it can be the fastest selling 2-nd fastest car in the world? As for being the fastest car in the world, the Guinness Book of World Records has officially awarded that title to the SSC Ultimate Aero TT. After its record run across a Washington state highway that yielded an official average speed, as determined by the Guinness Officials, as being 256.19 mph.

In order to be the worlds fastest production model car you have to meet all the safety and emissions standards that production models face, as well as run on fuel from the average pump.The Ultimate Aero TT does all that and more. It carries luxury items as well, such as a 10-speaker sound system, leather/suede upholstery, navigation system and an operable back-up camera. Also included is a front-end lift system that raises the nose of the car 4-inches to aid it in clearing rough roads. Add to all of that the fact that the Ultimate Aero TT achieved its record run with a twin-turbo V8 with 1183-hp and 1094 ft-lbs of torque while meeting emissions standards… which is another record that SSC is applying for with Guinness.

While the SSC Ultimate Aero TT now owns the bragging rights as the fastest production car in the world they still feel they have room to raise the bar a bit further. The body itself has been tested in the wind tunnel to withstand speeds of 273-mph. Since the record setting run was performed on a public road with an uneven surface it stands to reason that the Ultimate Aero TT could certainly stretch out its lead a bit further.

sscultimateaerott.jpg picture by willfusion

If you are in the market for the worlds fastest production car then you may want to contact Motor Cars of Las Vegas (www.motorcarslv.com) as they are the only dealership licensed to sell the SSC Ultimate Aero TT. And if you are not in the market you might want to get a hold of the latest Project Gotham Racing 4 as the Ultimate Aero TT is available to you at a far cheaper price. Plus you have a decreased chance of making internet headlines when you crash your Ultimate Aero there than you will in real life.

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120 Responses

  1. SETI says:

    sure its a badass car.. but how can it be an official worlds record if tis recorded illegally on a US interstate highway?

  2. will bee says:

    Actually the record run was recorded on a section of Washington state highway that was closed off with the states cooperation just for the occassion. They did not make the run with Guinness watching while weaving through traffic.
    I have just added links to prior articles about the SSC Ultimate Aero’s run for the record at the end of this article. They better detail how they made the run and the way the speed was calculated by Guinness.

  3. Kaamraan says:

    I hate it when people refer to the Bugatti as “the worlds fastest”. Well now they refer to it as “second fastest”, but seriously. The Bugattis record was killed a while ago. After about three months of it being the fastest.
    Faster cars than Bugatti: Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR/CCGT
    Crovette Sledgehammer(tuned)
    Hennessey Viper Venom 1000 SRT10
    Barabus TKR(437 km/h-0-100km/h in 1.67)
    some guy tuned his AC Cobra to do 0-200 km/h
    in 4.9 seconds.

    There’s more but I can’t really think right now. Frik- Dodge Tomahawk (bike) Top speed- 640 km/h. And now there’s the SSC Ultimate Aero .
    It’s a very nice car too (SSC, not Bugatti), but I prefer the Koenigsegg.
    Stuff you Bugatti

  4. Coltaine says:

    Well, actually they built a car that was designed to go 600 KMph during WW2, they never got to test it though, but according to theory it should be able to go there.

    anyway, I suppose Bugatti got most PR since they were the first to actually go there no?

  5. Tshylea says:

    I think the distinction between the fastest car, and the fastest street legal car needs to be made a bit stronger. People tend to refer to the Veyron, or now the Aero, as being the fastest car in the world, which leads some people to think that 256mph is the top speed a car can travel, when in fact there are cars that will break the sound barrier. Just not on public roads.

  6. will bee says:


    I would have to agree with you. Even I sometimes neglect to emphasis that the Ultimate Aero is the worlds fastest PRODUCTION car. Which means that it is mass produced AND adheres to all the safety and emissions standards that other major manufacturers do.

    And again, as noted in the prior article, the only reason SSC had to utilize a closed off section of state highway for their test run is they are a small company and cannot afford to rent out any of the large test tracks owned by the major auto manufacturers.

    Thanks for you all for your comments… many good points.

  7. momo says:

    …but the bugatti actually looks nice…

  8. Jon says:

    Yeah, when compared to a turd. Bugatti had nice styling cues with the EB110, but the Veyron is definitely function over form. The two (three? four? the thing looks like a moving rave party) tone color scheme doesn’t help. The only reason the SSC Aero looks any bad is because of the sponsor stickers plastered over the outside. Imagine if they were removed, along with that silly looking hood spike on the front. That thing would look like a Diablo on steroids.

  9. bobby says:

    This car looks like s**t compared tothe veyron and ccx (etc) are so nice compared to this. Apart from looking like somebody has taken a sledgehammer to the hood and tried to fix it with a homemade piece of metal i bet the drive is bad too, nothing compared to any of the other fastest production cars

  10. Chris says:

    I love how people argue on the internet. Listen, if you don’t like the way it looks then don’t buy it! i doubt you have enough money to anyways… Or hell, get off your rear-end and design your own fastest production car. I’m sure you can do much better. Oh and Kaamraan, all of those cars you mentioned are HEAVILY modified versions of the PRODUCTION versions or a one of the kind special make, not a production model.

  11. Charles says:

    all this top speed nonsense misses the whole point of why the Veyron is still head and shoulders above the wannabes
    Its not about ticking boxes when it comes street legality; don’t take my word for it, take these cars for a test drive… ok lol, real world, watch some Top Gear on you tube. The presenters get to drive almost everything that’s fast, but when it comes to getting the fastest times out of a car, they put a racing driver in it.
    These ‘production’ cars maybe can hit the headline speed on a good day with a professional driver, but that’s not real world.
    What makes the Veyron special is the way it’s the fastest car in the world, props to anyone building 250mph into a ‘production’ car – but the point is *anyone* can in a Veyron, especially if they are a fat balding billionaire – and quickly for that matter – while stopping at the corner shop – if there is enough track near by, and with four wheel drive, and honestly with that much power I wouldn’t want anything less than four driven wheels, you can go out if it’s raining or a bit wintry and not worry unduly about going backwards.
    Where are the absolute performance figures matching like with like, how long did it take this car to hit the magic numbers? Remember the Veyron doing a 0-200mph dash will beat a Mclaren F1 already travelling at 100mph to the 200 mph mark.
    Looking at what the parts bin bits n’ pieces these wannabes are playing with do you really think there won’t be more power extracted out of the Veyron’s W12 quad turbo if the need arises?

  12. Jerry says:

    I got to this link actually looking for something else but being a lover of fast cars I am glad I got here. Like everyone else, I have an opinion. Who in their right mind could look upon a Veyron and honestly say that it looks good. I’d be the first to agree that it has some impressive specs but it looks like a Renault that ran through a Ferari chop shop and when they didn’t like that design decided to copy what appears to be an old and rediscovered Mustang body panel. Either way, they missed the boat. Trying to compare its looks to the SSC Ultimate Aero TT is like comparing one of them new (UGLY) VW Beetles to a new RollsRoyce or a fine Bentley.

    Guiness tells the speed story for today. If we find that Kaamraan is right about the other cars in the list that are faster, one can only derive that the foreign market isn’t held to the same standards that the us market is concerning truth in advertising.

  13. jerry says:

    i was wrong my girl was right no thanks to you…. i thought the konneigsigg was the fastest car in the world and then today she looked it up and busted me….. but she loves me so she let it go….and i want to marry her now

  14. wyldsyd says:

    That is one wild ride!

  15. Kyle says:

    What happened to the McLarren? Man, I’m out of touch.

  16. drunkenmunky says:

    granted the bugatti aint the fastest now but i’d hate to drive that aero around a bend with my foot down …. the arse would step out and you find your nuts in the obituaries next day…. for all the power of the aero or even the Koenigseggs CCX/CCXR/CCGT have developed through advanced tuning the can’t put it on the road because they dont have the down force from the rear spoiler that the bugatti has. In short you can have all the power in the world but if you can’t get it on the road its wasted on smoke and costin you tyres.

  17. matt says:

    World’s fastest street-legal PRODUCTION car? I dunno… from the looks of the pictures I’ve seen it doesn’t look as if the steering wheel contains an airbag. What about emissions compliance? Has anyone seen or heard evidence of completing and passing mandatory DOT crash tests? Saleen, Mosler and yes even Vector all accomplised these tasks. Until I see a photo of one in a showroom with a Mulroney label attached, I’m not convinced. Otherwise, it’s a kit car, and must be registered as such, like a Noble, Ultima or Ariel, which are all fine cars, but not factory-ready U.S. legal PRODUCTION cars. Show me the evidence!!

  18. this car looks so crap, ugly & ugly compared to this: http://www.automotoportal.com/photos/10_Worlds_Fastest_Cars/9 wow wat a differance! Nissan Skyline is one of the best cars to tune up!! l8rr

  19. Lando says:

    THIS CAR SUCKS! THERE IS A CAR THAT RUNS OVER 800 mph and has over 3000 hp and hauls 0 60 in less than .34 seconds. It meets standards and is very rare, classified, science facility they wouldn’t tell guiness for the world this car is number 2.

  20. serbian says:

    thats the faster car i have ever saw.i am not joking!

  21. Andrew says:

    this car is the fastest production car in the world because they proved it. if the science facility would tell anyone of the so called fastest car that nobody has seen im not sure it is the fastest car. the aero is the fastest car cuz they proved it. i mean it even beat the veyron thats saying something

  22. Andrew says:

    with half the engine

  23. Rob says:

    Yeah, it’s faster than the Veyron. Just.

    But seriously… Anything other than a Veyron approaches 250 miles an hour, the people who’ve done it will tell you it’s scary as shit. It feels like the car is coming apart (Check the last few minutes in the studio of a clip from Top Gear with James May topping out the Veyron) Because the car is reaching its limit. No way you can be comfortable going that fast in a Koenigsegg.

    The Veyron, though? As smooth over 250 as it is at 100 as it is at 50 miles an hour. What other car can claim that? Frankly, it’s an engineering masterpiece. What the Parthenon is to architecture, the Veyron is to road vehicle engineering. It’s so far beyond anything that’s gone before, that even well into the future you’d be mad not to recognise what a milestone the Veyron is.

  24. Bob says:

    The Veyron is a hideously ugly POS compared to the SSC and costs about $800,000 more!

    Only fools would pay $1.4 million for a Veyron.

  25. Nick says:

    this car looks nice but i dont think its the fastest. Is a ferrari faster than this car cuz i thought Ferrari was the fastest car. Well tell me!!!

  26. jrosa says:

    well, first nick you are an idiot. ferrari has never claimed or tried to break a speed record. the Veyron, deserves as much respect as it does looks. you tell me when you see a veyron, that you will confused it with diablo? no. The bugatti, is the most celebrated for all engineering feats , you think a car like the aero tt can be as easy to drive as the bugatti? i dont. take a look at the video provided by top gear , driver James May, is not a professional race car driver , he effortlessly drove the car. E.Bugatti engineers have to be commended for a marvelous feat of achieving such power, grace, and beauty and putting that all together in a single masterpiece.
    i shall gives respect to the ssc aero tt.
    i only have one question (two part),
    how much power is on all motor?before the turbos kick in and
    how much boost are you pushing?
    the bugatti is only pushing about 12 psi per turbo at a top speed run!
    the turbo on the aero tt have to be pushing close to 24-30 psi per turbo. some incredible numbers, and how long are those turbo’s going to last?

  27. jrosa says:

    ohh, and to people who claim that the are faster cars onthe world, these cars are the fastest production cars.
    yeah there are faster cars, they are called streamliners, they live just for speed and their home is saltflats in utah desert.
    those cars are not meant for the street like ther cars are.
    those other companies claiming speeds over 250mph need to prove their claims. bottom line.
    no more i think we can , people fork up and show some .

  28. Mike says:

    No-one in their right minds would buy the SCC over the Veyron. The Veyron is a proper car – acceleration, speed, comfort, style and handling – while the SSC is just a cheap American attempt to break the speed record. This sums up most American cars – fast at the expense of everything else, making a car that you’d hate to drive and is a waste of money. Speed (not acceleration) aside, the Veyron has everything over the SSC and on a proper track in a real race (None of that NASCAR bullshit) the Veyron would own the SSC.

    And only those with most of their brain missing could mistake this ugly piece of twisted metal for a Diablo. How could you confuse a stupid American car with a car engineered and designed by Italians?

  29. travis says:

    Mike, American cars arent about speed at the cost of everything else, ever driven a vette, its fast, graceful, gorgeous, luxurious and very well mannered, unlike the viper, NASCAR sucks, i prefer NHRA, 330mph in 3 seconds, thats my bag, as for racing, everytime i watch “real races” the vettes are owning everything in their class, dont mistake some manufacturers to be the measure for the country, otherwise Italy, Japan, the UK, they’d all be rated as very poor cars.

  30. DR1V3R X says:

    SSC ultimate AERO it`s not faster that the Veyron, Very close but not faster… SSC it`s chipper, that a + if you want to expend 100,000 us dollars more and realy make it faster than the Veyron but not better it will brake often and maybe not be usable on the streets; I love american cars but I`m not Blind this car(SSC)need to race the Veyron FACE TO FACE to proof me wrong, 1/4 mile and 2 miles run, and them in Laguna Seca to claim itself FASTER that the Veyron; Buggati spend 10 years in the concept and Shelby maybe A year or two,NASA and everything, Pretty cool, but still not enough smoothness and handling…
    I think that ssc ultimate it’s the perfect race car but not the King of the streets.(Take a ride on a Veyron and you would think the same).

  31. Ben says:

    the front looks ugly

  32. M12 says:

    setting the bugatti, koenigsegg, and this up in a w/e on w/e for w/e distance doesnt seem like it would be that hard of a feat for these big companies… who wouldnt want to sponsor something like that. it just seems to be a matter of the companies not wanting to settle the differences between these super powers in the automotive universe…

  33. M12 says:

    *in the beginning i meant :: in w/e race on w/e track for w/e distance…

  34. Shawn Wilson says:

    How is the induced drag flow coresponde with the engery of the car/Absolutely Beautiful Machine!

  35. ifra says:

    I dont like the back

  36. semi says:

    i got a couple of things i want to get off my mind. people really need to wake up and realize that the bugatti is the future back in the day they were struggling cause they couldnt find the right amount of power they wanted to produce no the bugatti shine’s over all of the rest frist it was the mclaren no one could test the bugatti turned into a baby now its droped out of the race now they want to refer to the bugatti as the world second fastest car that type of stuff cant happen bugatti is taking over you need to start appreciate and im out

  37. Bugatti Lover says:

    There is still only one. That one is Bugatti. There is not another car like it, yet anyway. Funny how most of the talk is about Bugatti and what again was the car at the top of this page. I honestly can’t recall.

  38. oscar says:

    well let me tell you something you bugatti haters. the ssc ultamite aero looks like the lambo. and besides, the bugatti has a smother ride then then the ssc.

  39. michael says:

    is that really the fastest car in the whole entire world? how about the bugatti?,ccx,and lamborghini revention?……….

  40. treehouse says:

    i think its the rolieoliepolie car with the little robots. they are so cute.
    i wanna do what you know adults do with somebody else.i mean s…e…x

  41. James says:

    “Guinness” saying you have the fastest “street legal” car has no real legitimacy. They are not the orginization that is generally in charge of speed records. That goes to the “FIA”, they have certain criteria that must be met and as far as they are concerned the “Bugatti” is still on top, however “Koenigsegg” is going to attempt to get the record back with their “CCXR”. So until the “Ultimate Aero TT” goes in front of the “FIA” its not even in the top 50. Sorry people there are rules to this record and if you dont follow the rules you don’t get the glory.

  42. sanjay says:

    i think that all of u SSC people are crazy dumbasses.I mean the veyron totally owns the streets not that twisted peice of scrap metal at the top of the page. an ovation for the bugatti lover guy.

  43. Jeff says:

    I enjoy fast and clean looking cars without the ‘bling’. Am disappointed with people defending the ‘bling’ cars that they are faster because they look ‘bling’.

  44. kenny says:

    this is cool

  45. Rajev says:

    How often is anyone even fantisizing going to practically drive their own favourite fastest cars at their fastest rated speed, and for how long? At such speeds, a hedghog on the road can send the car to the moon!

  46. Joe says:

    To the moon? I think you might be exaggerating a bit.

  47. faster says:

    can’t believe someone would actually compare the bugatti veyron to this piece of of crap i would pay 5mil$ more for a bugati not just double.i would kill myself before i buy this shit.and i can bet $10k that the bugatti veyron would kill it in a proper race track.

  48. Manny says:

    Hey regardless of what anyone says, or stats show. The Saleen S 7 Twin Turbo is the world’s fastest production car. I am a huge fan of the veichle. When any of the over rated companies can beat, then only will I render the Saleen. Until then have fun arguing. And personally I dislike bugatti, your better off with a Ferrari, or Lambo.

  49. f1fanatic says:

    well well,all this arguing,hmm.i dont think any of you can own such a masterpeice like any of these cars.the veryon,aero tt,saleen s7,even the mclaren f1,even the chrysler me412 can hit the 248 mph.the ferrari enzo,and i even can recall a car hitting the streets i think it was 1992 that was nearing the 250 mph range called the vector wx3.hey sallen guy,maybe just read the articles about these rated cars,yes the s7 pales in comparison,doesnt meen its not a beatifull car.like all of them,they all have pros and cons.but in all realaity doesnt freekin matter cause maybe 1 % here could ever possibly buy one.i appreciate all of them and have my own fave but its soo obvious,that europians dont give a crap what the americans say as they are too stuck up to listen anyway.and the americans are too dumb to shut it.who cares and just appreciate the cars for the beautifull craftmanship.and no i am not generalizing about nations.

  50. Manny says:

    Hey craftsmanship guy:

    I totally agree with you, about the info. Well I am just confuse to the statement you made of beauty. Which doesn’t mean I am knocking points of the styling. All I know that the Saleen S7 contains and holds records of speed, and a few other items. Can’t say off the top of my head. There is one car which I am aware of, I maybe incorrect with the info, isn’t the Nissan Skyling 1000 tested as the fastest car. I am only asking. I am aware it’s been tested in Japan for their drifting and racing arenas. Well I rather spend half a million dollars, as oppose to one million or more to have the top speed car. Thats why I stick witht the Saleen.

  51. awais ahmed says:

    so finally an american car takes over buggati veyron but i preffer ferrari even more than lamborghni cause its worlds famous car but ihave to wait till its new progress like ferrari enzo

  52. elvis says:

    how you make this fastest car ever and how rides it or buy it and where

  53. jaime says:

    One thing is, the Bugatti has not been offically run to its max with a professional driver with the sole attempt at a record. All james Day did that day on Top gear was prove that the Bugatti could run 253 or more, which it did at 407 mph, which is in fact, 254.375 mph,a nd then he let go of the accelerator. he did this while talking into the cmera because the ride was as smooth as glass. I would be s–ing my pants. Imagine what that car can do, on a specified track. or straight away like the aero did I’d say it can push 258 easy.

  54. jaime says:

    dont like the back of that aero.

    To me the baddest looking supercar, bar none, front side and back is the Pagani Zonda- no comparison!

  55. this car is no thing for the super caobra mustang and for any mustang that every body sees.

  56. muzz says:

    everyone who hates on the aero has the same excuse. it isnt user friendly and blah blah blah it shakes at top speeds. all you guys are doing is repeating what top gear says to its european fans. the main guy on top gear (who cares) instantly wrote off the aero tt as soon as his co-host said guiness gave them the record.he didnt even drive it yet he just made some stupid statement about american cars and how it wont beat the bugatti. the bugatti is a freakin vw for christ sakes and this car is powered by a pushrod v8 with two turbo’s on it. this car is much lighter and is powered by a much more efficient engine. 1,1100 bhp? thats been achieved by so many american v8’s already when talkin about top speed weight and drag is the enemy and this car has less drag and a whole lot less weight not to mention gm has put a lesser version of this engine into a vette and smashed the nurburg times of everything production wise and you still think the heavy veyron is gonna win around the ring? not gonna happen.

  57. A Person says:

    Why is it some of the ugliest cars get praised as being beautiful? The Aston Martin looks like a hump back whale on wheels and the Veyron looks like a scarab beetle or something. I also love how the Veyron gets praised as being an engineering marvel, but yet its cult members fail to point out its engine. It’s the same size as an Ultimate Aero’s, has twice as many pistons, twice as many turbos, yet gets less horse power and gets half as much gas mileage.

    It is an absolute failure, considering Europeans can take small engines and crank out all sorts of horsepower from it. Plus, the Veyron had a virtual conglomerate of European nations working on it, where as the Ultimate Aero was made by some hick car maker no one has ever heard of before. The Aero is not only the under dog, it’s quite possibly the better track car (HINT: Go look up the performance figures on both cars and compare them). And it looks a Hell of a lot better. What’s even more laughable is that the Veyron’s record was unofficial and conducted at a test track (ideal for racing), where as the Ultimate Aero officially took the record on a public road.

    Granted, the two cars relate to each other like apples and oranges, but everyone seems to be comparing the two. Bugutti’s only thing that can remotely be considered a variant of the Veyron is the convertible version, where as SSC is already working on a third variant of the Aero. My prediction is that there will be no Veyron GT or Veyron GT-R, where as SSC will continue to make Aero models long after the Veyron is forgotten.

    Without the record, the Veyron is nothing but an overpriced engineering failure that anyone can drive, where as the Aero has more of a reason to be elitist. Even when the record will be taken away from the Aero, it’ll still have plenty of reasons to be elitist. It goes right up there with cars like the McLaren F1 and Koenigsegg. Both of those cars make a much better comparison to the Ultimate Aero, since they approach being a supercar from about the same perspective (no driver aids for sissies who can’t handle their automobiles).

    If you disagree with any of this you are wrong.

  58. Kalien says:

    All you guys saying the Areo wont handle, obviously havnt looked into the car. these are the same guys that put together the Saleen S7s. (one of the best handling cars ever made.) this car wasnt build just for top speed runs. it was built to handle, too. Can any of you guys show me footage or lap times from a Veron on a track? from what i have seen of this car, i havnt heard anything about how it handles. Just that it is driver freindly on public roads, and that it’s fast as hell. the Areo what built specificaly to out-handle, out run, and out preform the veron. and those words come straight from the Aero design team.

  59. rob says:

    well kids
    lets have a lesson in car design.
    when building a fast car you will need
    no.1 a brain (a thing the aero “design” (if you can call them that) team lack)
    no.2 engineering knowledge i have driven both of those cars for the magazine i write for and the aero handles like a shopping cart you can hit the apex of a corner(if it is the size of a football field) the brakes are woeful feels like they have come from a 1850’s horse drawn carriage and finally it sounds dreadful after 2 hours you cannot hear a thing and give it the beans and you need to shout to hear your self.
    the bugatti was built to show what could be done the mark up on thier car is in minus figures as it costs 5 million pounds to produce and they sell it for £800,000 who cares if the aero costs less.it costs less for a reason its worth less!!

  60. A Person says:

    Rob: “I’m terrible at lying.”

    You write for a magazine and yet can’t use proper grammar (like capitalizing proper nouns and the beginning of sentences). I’d like to read some of your articles. Here’s a hint, son. If you’re going to lie, at least try to look convincing. I’m surprised I didn’t see an “LOL” or a “pwntz” up there.

    Granted, there’s rumors of members of royal Arabic families who own both cars and prefer the Aero, but there’s only one creditable source who has driven both, Jay Leno, and he prefers the Aero. Does this mean Europeans don’t build good cars for decent money? No (there’s Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, etc). It just means a small, hick American auto maker made a car that can do more for less than a European conglomerate.

  61. Yep its #1, its the quickest to be smashed into 1000 pieces after hiiting a grasshopper at top speed. Man I remember a similar time like this in the history books, it was called the depression. How about spending that green on some more important things like food or medecine. Leave this stupidity for times when we have money to blow. I like fast autos and all, but its getting silly once again.

  62. TTeclipse says:

    OK 1.4 million for a car is alot of money hey if you got it buy it im into tuning cars much rather then buying them fast i much rather spend 15,000 on a supra or rx7 n dropping another 15,000 n making those cars look stupid im not sure if rob is the guy with the black supra but if it is i got the dvd where you blew your motor racing a motorcycle 199 mph is how fast you were going your supra is sick i mean i like both cars would purchase any of the two fact is theres not many ppl who have cars that do 200mph none the less 250 so for that case most of you ppl should just appreciate the craftsmenship in either one of these cars n the ssc is faster just to let you ppl kno still sick to have one key to unlock 500 hp then another for the other 501 newho lata broke ppl with nothing else to do but argue bout cars u cant afford im broke 2 so dont take it personal oh yea is it true theres a no chasing policy in some states or was dat jus for the movie

  63. Q says:

    I think if it drives fast it better stop fast, or i’m not buyin’.

  64. Q says:

    I mean come on, people these days just want to find the fastest way to die. You see cars like the Aero and Veyron spend more time in the showroom than on the road. If you ask me I’d rather have a Corvette or some thing that has handling and brakes to match the speed.

  65. Oner of Barabus TKR says:

    That guy said that a cobra went from 0-200 in less than 5 seconds. Men don’t lie to your self.

  66. artin says:

    When the new V8 TT Toyota Supra is ready people will forget about articles like this : )

  67. Hanish Rathi says:

    well i dont understand why do people fight over cars as if they littrally own all of them.
    people why fight over looks as well after all when you are in the car you just see the road and speed is what matters. so do hell with looks and just drive……………..
    and whats wrong with the guy who mentioned Supra V8 MAN plzz…
    do you even know what is the difference between v8 and v12.
    get some info first.

  68. Zach says:

    First of all the ssc is the gayest looking car ive ever seen and second it may have beaten the veyron but the veyron was built for luxury and not all speed. its w16 engine could push more than 1001hp if they tuned it more and added different parts. some people get v8s to push 1000 hp and a w16 is 2 v8s together. the veyron is the best and to the people that say the veyron is ugly, u have no taste in cars because the veyron is sweet and the ssc is like a hunk of crap. and who else can claim that there cars are a smooth ride at 250? Pretty much noone else but the veyron because its not built for pure speed its built for luxury. By the way i know exactly what im talking about when it comes to the veyron because ive studied the car inside and out. and im only 15. so yea its 16 pistons can pump out way more than 1001hp. also i totally agree with people that say that you cant really judge it unless you either drove one or own one because thats true. i dont have one but ive studied them, ive done a few class projects on them.

  69. John Scott says:

    LOL what a bunch of wannabees you all are

  70. John Scott says:

    Lets get this straight. Some of you don’t like the looks right? DUH! It is the widest and most aero intensive streetable car to be safe at 250-273 mph PERIOD. Next some of you doubt the quality and handling and braking (again) DUH! 2,750 lbs, perfect balance fr/rr, centrally located mass, EXTREMELY safe carbon chassis WITH integrated race proven cage (not visible but it’s there). This car hits 200 mph in just under 5/8 mile, it takes the Veyron a full mile to hit 200 (LOL) the Veyron weighs 4400 lbs right? It is SIXTEEN HUNDRED FIFTY POUNDS HEAVIER! What a PIG! It (the Veyron) IS good if you want to be fat / drive an automatic / be bald / spend literally DOUBLE the money / the Veyron is for geesers. On a track of ANY kind the SSC would absolutely be so very much faster and repeatable lap after lap that it would not even be worth racing them against one another SERIOUSLY! I can buy EITHER car and I choose the SSC 2009 and I am doing some additional specifications to be exactly as I want it which is exactly as it should be. Did anyone here watch Jay Leno drive the old original 2007 model??? He has EVERYTHING/ANYTHING he wants to drive. He IS buying/getting one of these SSC 2009 cars too (I am told). The Veyron is like a really fat girlfriend who has a billionaire father (who cares?) Some people here claim it is “50 year old technology” probably because it is a pushrod motor. This motor puts out BY FAR the most pump gas EMMISSION COMPLIANT power of any car ever on earth. The guys who complain about not having four wheel drive (AGAIN DUH!) show me ANY racecars that have 4 or all wheel drive (except rally cars) HELL even Audis BEST racecar R8 R10 R15 etc… are ALL two wheel drive. I love AWD and two of my three FULL MOD Porsche Twin Turbos are AWD and it really does help to put down power NOW but it ADDS WEIGHT / more weight NEEDS more traction to get moving. More driveshafts / differentials eat more power too by the way. The SSC in the rain (what idiot was it here that complained that it would put you in the cemetary in the rain? LOL) is controlled by YOU the driver NOT trac control/stability control etc.//.. People are afraid to do ANYTHING themselves these days and those very people WOULD crash this car (IF they had the money which they do not and NEVER EVER will LOL) and then say it was the cars fault (pussies).

    Bottom line get some balls, earn some money, buy a REAL car and THEN I might be interested in your opinion…..until then GET A GRIP and SHUT UP. Realize you will never drive ANY of these cars and crawl into your turbo Neon and go home to your mothers basement and beat off like you always have & always will LOL!!!


  71. Quan says:

    I Think Lamborghini is the best

  72. Nathaniel Jones says:


  73. daniel gonzalez says:

    i think it is fastest car in the world

  74. charlotte says:

    i think this care is super awsum and fastest car eva!

  75. shanaynay says:


  76. Devroy says:

    the SSC look way better than the veyron and it is faster way faster.

  77. James says:

    this car is bad ass

  78. Als says:

    Nice looking car but looks like it is about to loose its title:
    The new Koenigsegg is claiming 259 mph.
    Now all they have to do is get out there and prove it.

  79. Dnorm says:

    All I can say is ….. how fast can you really drive on the public highways anyway? for me the best car is and will be (for speed) the Ariel Atom V8, how ever as we head away from fossil fuels. The future i hope will lead to even more faster and desirable cars ….. as for the argument here …… 0-100-0 for me is more the achievment … after all unles you live in Germany or race on a straight road, how many of us could really reach 250mph on a public highway???

  80. Big Man says:

    The Veyron still has a faster zero to sixty, and the Veyron have a governing chip that restricts its speed to 250. THE CARS NEED TO DRAG.

  81. DR1V3R X says:

    Ok, OK! The last time I said that was the Bugatti was faster than the SSC, but I was surprised by the SSC, it is faster and more rugged than the Bugatti, but compare them is another thing, the SSC Dream car is a killer, the Bugatti is King kong, SSC blows away the Bugatti…
    Sorry Bugatti lovers!

  82. marcus says:

    dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a fast car

  83. Gruven says:

    Tshylea, your comment about them being a small company is true however,they can afford to rent any track of their choosing after all It’s a Shelby company. SSC usually uses the world speedway down in Texas for runs and testing but this time I believe they decided on Washington state due to the dense cold air which is very good for ringing every last ounce of power from an engine.

  84. navvy says:

    I just watched the Top Gear episode showcasing the Veyron and the F1, wow. Everytime I hear the about the fastest “production car” or “streetable car” it brings me back to 1988 with famous Callaway/Lingenfelter Sledgehammer Corvette 254.76 mph. Dont get me wrong the modern cars are amazing but I guess I just expected more from 20 years worth of technology.

  85. shutda hellup says:

    I have just lost a couple I.Q. points just reading this crap. The question is what is the fastist production car in the world. Not what is the best handeling or witch crams in the most technology or who’s prettyist. If the ssc goes faster then its the fastist. Its about the numbers and nothing else. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! you pretentious pricks

  86. shutda hellup says:

    Oh one more thing… Anyone who asks “How fast can you realy go on a public highway anyway?” Doesn’t understand the point of super and hyper cars and will never own one. And yes I’m talking to you Dnorm. As for the atom, ya its fast but if you can’t put the hot blonde with big tits in the seat next to you, why bother? But your probably married to a fat woman and drive a beige volvo stationwagon, some 1988 shitbox honda or worse yet a toyota prious going by your coment on fossil fuels I’m bettin its the prious. Real cars run on gas!!!

  87. Brian says:

    Since we are all talking about street legal cars, then perhaps we should test them where it really counts, ON THE STREET! I’ll place my money on Godzilla Black Edition!

  88. Tyler says:

    You know.. the F1 is actually really fast…considering the fact that the Bugatti has to use turbo’s, where as the F1 is naturally aspirated. Difference maybe?

  89. matt says:

    who wants to buy one of these cars for me XDXDXD

  90. amansahil says:

    That is the most incredible car in my whole life.

  91. saad says:

    I think this is not true.Fastest car of the world is veyron.

  92. Saad Habib says:

    SSC ultimate aero tt is the best.What are you thinking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  93. Saad Habib says:

    That is the most incredible car in my whole life.who wants to buy one of these cars for me.Oh one more thing… Anyone who asks “How fast can you realy go on a public highway anyway?” Does, wow. Everytime I hear the about the fastest “production car” or “streetable car” it brings me back to 1988 with famous Callaway/Lingenfelter Sledgehammer Corvette 254.76 mph. Dont get me wrong the modern cars are amazing but I guess I just expected more from 20 years worth of technology.n’t understand the point of super and hyper cars and will never own one. And yes I’m talking to you Dnorm. As for the atom, ya its fast but if you can’t put the hot blonde with big tits in the seat next to you, why bother? But your probably married to a fat woman and drive a beige volvo stationwagon, some 1988 shitbox honda or worse yet a toyota prious going by your coment on fossil fuels I’m bettin its the prious. Real cars run on gas!!!

  94. Saad Habib says:

    I cheat you.Duffers.

  95. jefroa says:

    I’m sure none of you have driven anything past 160mph. Believe it or not, but there were alot of cars built in the mid to late 90’s that claimed to hit 200 (production cars, corvette, viper some lambos and some extoics), but only reached 170-190. Once you reach 150, and contuine going to 160 the downforce is increased alot. Everyone is bashing on the fastest car title, and REAL WORLD, there is not many that can afford with that type of price tag. I strongly believe someone with some knowledge with engine, draivetrain and areodymaics can easliy make a car go 300 mph, but the car would be useless if it doesn’t have enough time/distance to go that fast and to slow down. I’m currently building a 550 (5.000 bore x 3.500 storke)hemi quad trubo, that’ll be put in a 1969 Valiant. It’s not going to be for drag racing, but to driven at the Utah Salt Flats.

  96. brandon says:

    umm first off. your false about that information. the bugatti topspeed is 258. and it is the worlds fastest “production car”, the others you named are definetly faster but they have been tuned after bought from the dealer. so the bugatti is still the fastest and its quicker 0-60 than the SSC Ultimate Aero TT.

  97. shutda hellup says:

    Ok, first thing, people have already made cars that have topped 300 but the are strictly for bonneville and wouldn’t quite work in the production car realm, considering they are missing interiors, lights, directional signals and “a few” other things. And IF you are building the 550 valiant forget the flats and drag that bitch you’ll go a lot farther $ that way.
    Brandon is right if the car has after market mods it doesn’t count. Its PRODUCTION cars.
    Question- has anyone tested the new 556hp Caddy for speed yet its supposed be the most powerful production sedan, according to the commercials? I haven’t heard yet

  98. Germans aren´t happy says:

  99. Actually the fastest production car is no longer the ultimate aero. Bugatti has made the new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport it will do 267 Mph. Here Take A look.

  100. mayur says:

    i think that this nit the worlds fastes car you MOTHER FUCKER bloody stupid , idiot it is bugati veyron and Even i Wanted to say some thing to
    Tshylea that i want to FUCK her very hard

  101. Warren says:

    Yourl are idiots… The bugatti is a waste of time w16 quad turbo and that less power. As for the idiots who said the ssc cant handle bends. Its a sports car thats what its designed for. Its a driverz car not for the faint hearted fagets. As for your bugatti a guy flew into a lake with it. The bugatti is a waste of time. It looks like a bentley gone wrong. Even the Eb110 looked like a lambo knock off..

  102. Zakarya Masmoudi says:

    Actually bugatti has created a veyron supersports that has betten the Ultimate Aero out for the worlds fastest at a top speed of 258 mph

  103. Dylan Glazer says:

    Look what i think they should do is race both cars on a massive straight bit of road that is even and no bumps or pot holes where both cars can hit there maximum speeds and see who wins, That is the only fair thing to do and decide once and for all what is the fastest car in the world.

    Yes you are saying that they can do these speeds. maybe they can but they have to prove it in a race between one another and who ever losses should except being the second fastest car in the world

  104. bugatti veyron the best…

  105. actionmanrandell says:

    this is an old artical the bugatti veyron stole the record once again with the bugatti veyron super sport which reached a top speed of 267 mph and anyways its an absurd assumption to call a car the fastest production car when it isnt as fast. you can not judge a car on top speed. in my opnion it all comes down to acceloration. if both cars were to be at the line and they raced the veyron would be going 60 mph with in 2.5 seconds after starting where in the the SSC Ultimate Aero TT has claimed acceloration of 2.8 seconds.. the veyron would reach the 200 mile an hour mark befor the Aero. and would be winning the race. by the time the Aero reached top speed the veyron would have already won the race

  106. MOD says:

    The Veyron is still the fastest car in the world. Nope, SSC has NOT beaten the Veyron. Why? You think you know the Veyron well? The Veyron can go beyond 260 mph. But why only 253? It’s because of an electronic chip that prevents the car from going beyond 253 mph because of low stability. The Veyron owns the SSC Aero in class and design. Look your facts, especially the “grammar” concerned PERSON down there. Eat this.

    • Buggati Fan 007 says:

      @MOD i agree 100% with you. If you look at all the other cars listed, Buggati is not “tuned” to be fast. That’s why they called it a production car. Not a Mustang that got tuned up to run at 300mph. I’ve watch Top Gear where James May tested the Buggati Veyron Super Sport and damnnnnn it is fast!!!

      • Truth Teller says:

        The Bugatti is idiotic. It is a fat pig at 4500 pounds and finishes 1.6 miles (1 minute) behind 7-minute cars at Nurburgring. It has an idiotic 16 cylinders and 4 turbos producing less hp than a V-8 with 2 turbos and costs a ridiculous $2.4M. That’s supposed to be efficient, cost-effective engineering? Those engineers would flunk any reasonable test for automotive design including aerodynamics. It is fat, ugly and cannot run a race course worth a damn – – 8 minutes at Nurburgring? That is embarassing. It should win the engineering award for stupidest engineered car in the world. It takes a mile and 25 seconds to hit 204.4 mph while competive V-8 Pro Stockers do 205 mph in a quarter mile and they do it in 6.5 seconds. Explain to me how that is supposed to be fast again? Several new production supercars are in the works that will exceed 300 mph. I can’t wait for their unveiling. On top of all this Bugatti risked the life of their test driver running 267.8 mph on tires that were not rated for that speed. Put some landspeed tires on it and bring it to Bonneville. It would never pass safety inspection and would be sent home. Idiots! Oh yeah, their “production car” is wisely speed limited, so what ws that.. “production car” record??? Which production car? There is no safe Bugatti production car that can replicate the so-called “record.” It was a one-off, which youse guys criticize if anyone else does that… All top speed records need to be run on landspeed tires before we kill someone! This street legal crap is dangerous and irresponsible at these speeds. Why is street lgal even an issue when it is illegal to run that fast on any public highway. Since when is 267 mph street legal? Idiots! Sooner or later your blind , foolish allegiance to a stupidly engineered, unsafe car needs to be called out. By the way, I am an engineer with two (BS and MS) engineering degrees. What were your qualifications again?

  107. xyaaas says:

    This car will never even come close to the Bugatti

  108. David P.Curcione says:

    1. The Second Fastest Car Is Unlimited Arrow-TT Has the Top Average Speed Tested is(256.19 M.P.H.) too! It top maxium peak Speed of(SCC) Umimited Arrow TT is 273 M.P.H. Top Speed too! True!

  109. sham says:

    this is a naughty and rubbish car.i don’t like it.

  110. Larry.G says:

    Fuck ultimate aero!Bugatti 4eva rules!

  111. Ashutosh says:

    i have a modle of other buggati

  112. Benefits says:

    Im sure you have to buy up to the top speeds.

    Cha Ching!

  113. hassan says:

    good work……………………………..

  114. can bugatti veyron super sport can defeat ssc ultimate aero?
    and in our kals school, the students are telling, that no car can defeat bugatti veyron super sport! so i dint believe them. so i said, see youtube video, type ssc ultimate aero VS veyron super sport, then it will come and see…….. love u ssc……