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GTbyCITROËN Makes Grand Appearance At Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Its skill for media whoring rivaled only by the Chief Harem Girl herself, the 2010 Camaro, the GTbyCITROËN GranTurismo 5 concept sports car has finally made its debut in the flesh (erm, carbon fiber?). Initially unveiled back in October at the Paris Motor Show, Citroën went to great lengths to assure the public that the GTbyCITROËN was purely a marketing tool for Sony’s launch of Gran Turismo Prolouge5 and thus never intended for production. Correctly assuming PS3 fanboys everywhere would be just detached enough from reality to take the bait, Citroën then announced they would unveil a production version of the GTbyCITROËN (in “very limited numbers,” of course). Little more was heard of the project until months later when a European TV crew posted a clip of the GT in action on YouTube, generating both our reluctant interest and our begrudging curiosity.

Today, Citroën has finally dispensed with the histrionics and released high-res photos of the GTbyCITROËN cruising the streets of its native London in a 4-D recreation of the Gran Turismo Prolouge5 street course. Although the photos temporarily sated our GT lust, the press release that accompanied them was disappointingly stingy with the details and didn’t even hint as to what’s under the hood. Hopefully, Citroën’s is simply waiting to divulge the specs next week at the GTbyCITROËN’s official unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (3-5 July).

Source: Citroën

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  1. sketch says:

    Now, now, I wouldn’t be so quick to call the CHG a whore outright, but I bet she’s at least better looking than that Citroën!