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GRID Renders The First Subaru WRX STI To Be Truly “Hot!”

Posted in Cars, Concept Cars, Custom, Design, Foreign Cars, General, Subaru by Chris | May 28th, 2009 | 8 Responses |


The Subaru Impreza has always been an ugly car, plain and simple. But we’ve been willing to overlook that detestable facade because it’s wrapped around the underpinnings of a 4WD rocket. Its performance cred alone has won our hearts and excused its appearance as just another atrocious Japanese saloon car with a big wing and rally wheels. But secretly, we’ve harbored this desire to chop the back doors off and massage that bodywork into something we could call – dare we say – sexy! Something we could wholeheartedly fall in love with.

Well, some guy named Lars Martensson has done just that.

Going by the name of GRID, Martensson spends most of his days crafting 3-D renderings for video games like Rallisport Challenge 2 and Battlefield 2 for X-Box. But now he’s released his vision for what the STI should have been, and perhaps could be if the white collars over at Subaru would pause their fetish for “Green” long enough to hear our belabored cries for a “Lean, Sexy Subie at Last!”


The front nose is menacing and angry looking and gives the entire vehicle a bestial personality. The rear end, God bless Grid, the rear end is fantastic, and nearly seductive, something no Impreza (or Lancer for that matter) has ever been. Wide tires, a rear-diffuser, and tasteful rear wing over the new hatchback design introduced in the STI’s latest iteration betray supercar levels of performance matched with similar levels of aesthetic appeal. And while the roofline slant may be a bit aggressive even for us, we’d gladly duck when entering the driver’s seat and park it in our driveways.



Source: 3dluvr.com via Autoblog

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8 Responses

  1. Drewmanguy says:

    Imprezas are not nearly as ugly as this thing, it looks like a CRX mixed with a hotwheels car. If subaru made this thing I would not like the Sti at all.

  2. Yokesh says:

    WOW, Man Now that’s What i call a absolute beautify
    The Best design Subaru Ever Made.

  3. Anthony says:

    I’ve seen pictures of wrecked cars that look better than that.

  4. gary sentell says:

    I own a Subie and if this thing comes out im selling mine.

  5. george says:

    that is the ugliest damn car ive ever seen. the impreza is a amazing car as is….doing this to the car would make people laugh! id be embarrassed to own that

  6. Peter John says:

    This is the ugliest car I have ever seen! I hope not to offend the creative designer of this particular concept car however it is NOT a subaru nor should it be. I honestly hope this design is NEVER accepted by subaru. I own an STI and this design is a POS.

  7. Dan says:

    the 2010 subaru is gorgeous. this is a terrible design for the STI. they designed it the way it is for a reason.

  8. TMoney says:

    I think producing it would be cool for variety to get something new on the streets, but definitely NOT as a STI, the only thing to be taken from this design is the rear soiled for the sti wagon. roof angle is extreme, put it up halfway toward that and a REAL STI and I would buy it, grill needs less tweaking and it would be great..