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Greenbird: Record-breaking Wind-Powered Land-Locked Flitter

Posted in Concept Cars, EcoLust by Dustin Driver | July 4th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

In the distant future, long after earth’s molten core has cooled and vicious winds and rains have polished the globe to a near perfect sphere, our descendants will skitter across the dusty, glass-flat planes in wind-powered land ships at 126 miles per hour. Or at least that’s what I think of when I see the record-breaking Greenbird wind-powered vehicle (sponsored by Ecotricity). The skinny sail car broke the speed record for wind-powered vehicles back in March of 2009, hitting 126 mph on the sun-baked sediments of Ivenpah Lake in Nevada. It’s not news, but the vehicle’s form is inspiring nonetheless. I can imagine half a dozen of them racing across the desolate plains locked in a fearsome battle over a pitifully small amount of water, food, or fuel. Oh Post Apocalypse, how you permeate the modern-day psyche.

Source: Greenbird

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