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“Grease to Greece” Ralliers Eco Trip From London To Athens, Fueled Entirely By Cooking Oils

Posted in Alt Fuels, Newsworthy, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | August 28th, 2008 | 1 Response |
Engineer Andy Pag On His "Grease to Greece" Rally
Engineer Andy Pag On His
“Grease to Greece” Rally

On Wednesday, engineer and London native Andy Pag lead his 8-team caravan on the final leg of their 10-day “Grease to Greece” road rally. Throughout the course of the 2,500 mile long trip from London to Athens, Pag and his teammates spent approximately nothing on fuel, relying instead on the donations of used oils from restaurants. According to a statement Pag made to Reuters [as later printed by the Daily Mirror], it was incredibly easy to find eateries willing to donate for the cause, “Whenever people have had oil they have been really, really willing to give it,” he explained, “It’s a waste product for them so we are taking away their rubbish.”

Obviously, the mission of the rally was to promote the use of recycled cooking oils as an alternative source of fuel. No stranger to the eco-friendly cause, last year Pag demonstrated the use of waste chocolate as an alternative source of fuel when he drove a truck entirely powered by the foodstuff from London to Timbuktu in Mali. Next year, Pag plans to take to the skies and circle the globe, relying entirely on aviation fuel produced from recycled trash bags. Said Pag, “There is no reason why Joe Public cannot do this, [they would] save themselves a bit of money and help the environment because they are not using fossil fuels.”

Pag & Team On Chocolate-Fueled Trek To Timbuktu [Photo Source: HANDOUT/AFP/Getty Images]

[News Source: MIRROR.CO.UK]

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One Response

  1. Joe says:

    Wait. Let me get this staight. Waste chocolate? Is there such a thing?
    Seriously though, I’ve read a lot of stuff talking about bio-diesel. I’m sure that the cooking oil is the same, but the chocolate? How does that even get into the cylinders?
    Anyway, biodiesel is a reality for many fleets right now. There are more than a few local school districts using it in their buses right now locally. I don’t know about nationally, but mid-atlantic states it’s going on now.