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Granny Shows How To Warm Up The Tires In An M3

Posted in Bizarre, BMW, Drifting, Funny Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 5th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Granny Shows How To Warm Up The Tires In An M3

Granny drift (viral video for rentmama.com) from Reinis Traidas on Vimeo.

This is why you never trust innocent looking little old ladies who hang around car shows. You just never know when one of them will steal your M3 and turn your expensive Michelin Pilots into pretty white smoke. This car owner wisely proceeds with caution as the woman exits the car: if she’s got mad donut skillz, she could have top-secret-ass-kicking-ninja-skillz, too.

Actually, this is a viral video leaked to promote Rentmama.com, a start-up site that brokers the best car rental deals for you worldwide. I’ve used sites like this to rent cars in Europe before, and none of them were as well executed. If you’ve got a trip across the pond planned (or even one in the US), give Rentmama.com a look.

Thanks to my buddy Malcolm at Automotive Addicts for the tip on the video!

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