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Gran Turismo 5 Will Let Drivers Design Their Own Tracks

Posted in Cool Stuff, FIA WRC, General, NASCAR, Racing, Video Games by Kurt Ernst | June 22nd, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Like the Nordschleife, but wish it were a little wider and a few kilometers shorter? Like the TopGear test track, but want to add some negative camber to the Hammerhead to make it more challenging? If Straightline is correct, you’ll be able to design your own tracks in the upcoming release of the Gran Turismo franchise. Game designer Shuhei Yoshida confirmed this feature in an interview with the UK Playstation blog, but there was no additional information on how sophisticated this feature will be.

It scares me how bloated GT5 is becoming, since they’ve already announced night racing, NASCAR and WRC competition and now 3D capability. By the time the game is released (November 2, 2010 if Polyphony is to be believed this time) it will also improve your dental hygiene, balance your checking account, brew your coffee (or tea, your choice) and get you a promotion at work. As Shakespeare said, “More matter and less art.” Until the game is released, all the projected features in the world won’t impress me.

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2 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    Damn it I’m going to have to go buy a PS3 again. I sold it a little while after they announced the infinite delay or what ever. Gah

  2. Kurt says:

    SNAK3, I bought a PS3 two years ago because the release of GT5 was imminent. I just hope 11/2/10 doesn’t get revised to 3/01/11…