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Government offers $10,000,000 for the first 500 Mile Battery Pack.

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Here is some good news for all you eco-friendly people out there who want to save the world and get great mileage from the electric car you don’t own yet. The good ole’ United States government has a bill sitting in congress called the Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act of 2010. It offers $10 million for the first battery developer to come up with a battery pack that can get a car 500 miles on a single charge. Now $10 million may not seem like a lot of money especially to automakers, hell the Obama administration has already dished out billions to help further the development of new forms of transportation, so why put this out now and why for only $10 million?

10 million dollars

Automakers and researchers have already sunken 100’s of millions of dollars into the development of extended range battery packs, the problem however is the cost. Nissan for example is all set to release the $35,000 all electric Leaf. This has a range of 100 miles. Then there is Tesla whose cars have a range of 200 miles, but they cost $100,000. Battery power is like speed… it’s just a question of money and how far do you want to go. In reality $10 million may seem like a lot, but to big business its really just a drop in the bucket. What that money may do is spark some ideas that may be languishing in the heads of some MIT students or perhaps re-energize the brains of some lazy engineers. Other than that I think it is more of a “Look what we’re doing for the environment” flag on part of the United States Government, but hey, who am I to talk, I can’t even figure out how this box I’m typing on works.

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