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Google Earth: Great Tool To Spy On Cars + Stuff

Posted in Cars by Somu Muthuswamy | December 15th, 2006 | Leave a Reply |

What can you do with Google Earth (GE)? Well, for me the question should be “What you cannot do with Google Earth”. Its one of my favorite time wasters. You can spend all day long finding out all those favorite locations on your computer. You get to see those satellite pictures for FREE. Do you have the coordinates of your favorite location? Just punch them in GE, and you get to see all of them.

AutoExpress has an innovative idea to use GE to their advantage. They have uncovered some of the most closely guarded tracks of top car manufacturers; the tracks these companies use to test their new born babies. Its awesome. They even have all the coordinates mentioned. Use them to get the latest pics.

I think its really a cool idea to put GE to good use. Not just for tracks, you can have all your favorite locations on your computer.

What’s your idea to use GE?

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