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Good News, Greens: The Nissan Leaf Won’t Cost $45,000

Posted in auto industry, Car Deals, EcoLust, Electric Cars, General, Newsworthy, Nissan by Kurt Ernst | March 31st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Photo: Nissan

Despite what we told you earlier, the Nissan Leaf will have a starting price of $32,780 when it hits the market later this year. Factor in a federal tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle, and the price drops by $7,500 to $25,280. Live in California? The state will kick in an extra $5,252 to bring your out the door price to $20,028 (excluding tax, title, license and ADM to be first on your block, of course).

Ready to place your order? Don’t forget the cost of a home charging station, estimated to be around $2,200. The good news is that the feds will kick you back half the cost; the bad news is that you’ll require an electrician and permits to get the charging station installed.

Source: Autopia

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