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Good News From Toyota: Lentz Confirms FT86 Is U.S. Bound

Posted in Concept Cars, Toyota by Kurt Ernst | February 10th, 2010 | 1 Response |
Toyota FT86 Concept

Toyota FT86 Concept

Jim Lentz, President of Toyota Motor Sales USA, confirmed yesterday that the FT86 concept car will be produced and imported to the United States. Designed jointly with Subaru, the FT86 features a rear wheel drive layout and is expected to use a 2.0 liter boxer motor producing around 200 horsepower. No estimates on pricing have been given, but the car is designed to be “affordable”, in the same vein as their MR-2 and MR Spyder models.

Lentz gave no indication on when the car would begin production or when it would make it’s U.S. market debut, but said that further details will be announced later this year.

It’s not much, but anything that isn’t bad news passes for good new at Toyota these days. We’ll keep you updated as more information on the FT86 becomes available.

Source: Motor Authority

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One Response

  1. Ed says:

    Beautiful car. Can’t wait to get it. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a car for the past year but now seeing this and reading all the news I’m waiting for it to be at the dealership