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Gold-plated BMW Drag Car is a Sight to Behold!

Posted in Bizarre, BMW, Cool Stuff, Custom, General, Racing by MrAngry | September 23rd, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Goldie Horn BMW

BMW has a reputation for building cars that exude class and sophistication. They are to some, the ultimate driving machine and as such hold a coveted spot in their owners hearts. For years BMW’s have been looked upon as some of the finest road and racetrack going machines on the planet and because of this they are a favorite of those who love to go around corners. What if however corners are simply not your thing and as an owner you simply like going fast in a straight line. Well, if your names happen to be Mohammed and Bakr Ibrahim from Sydney, Australia you simply pull your BMW apart and do some modifications.

Goldie Horn BMW

What you are seeing here is a BMW 3-series simply known as “Goldie Horn” and right off the bat you should notice that there is something special about it. You see the brothers Ibrahim own a custom shop in Australia called Queen Street Racing and they pride themselves on building some pretty outlandish machines. Their track burning, 1604 horsepower, 23k gold-plated hammer is one such creation and so far it’s been stirring up a lot of questions for the brothers to answer.

Goldie Horn BMW

So far the brothers are into the BMW for more than $1 million and by the sound of it they don’t regret spending that kind of loot one bit. Not only did they want the car to look good, but they wanted it to perform as well. Ben Tubridy, manager of Queen Street Racing states, “It’s done 7.2 seconds down the quarter mile at 196 miles an hour”. Not to shabby for a little German 3-series if you ask me. Now while the BMW may not be to everyone’s taste there is simply no denying that what the Ibrahim’s have created is a one of a kind machine.

Source: Bornrich.org

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