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GOBLIN WOLF SPYDER Body Kit Turns Your CAN-AM Into An F-16, BONUS Safety Videos Included

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For all the trike-lovers out there, you’ve no doubt have already heard about the Can-Am Spyder. But have you heard of Goblin’s Wolf Spyder? It’s more than just a jet fighter body kit: it actually relocates the engine behind a driver’s seat sitting low between the front wheels, stretches out the back tire, and grants you a giant “Highway Buoy” tail fin alerting other drivers to your lonely, undersexed presence.

The kit adds $19,995 to the Spyder’s $15,449 base price and is registered as a motorcycle (or a three-wheeler in some states).

Good luck taking your driver’s test on this thing. You hit one of the cones again!

Personally, I’d go all the way and drop a few grand for a real jet thruster and bolt it on the back there where the wing is now. No sense in being subtle or safe at this point.

And speaking of safe, Can-Am would like to take this opportunity to remind you all to be careful out there, and they’ve been kind enough to leave us some highly responsible videos of their normal Spyder after the jump.

SOURCE: Goblin via Jalopnik

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