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GM/Segway P.U.M.A. Officially Gayer Than Same-Gender Relations

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We’re sure it probably has some merit, but as we made quite clear in yesterday’s post about the BMW X5 M, we here at RideLust do not play by the rules. We are openly, unabashedly biased, unapologetically obscene, and politically incorrect enough so that were our daily readership count higher, we’d probably receive a few strongly-worded letters from the ACLU. SO, all that having been said (again), it is with great horror and disgust that we introduce to you the GM/Segway Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility (P.U.M.A.) vehicle.

From what little we were able to read of the press release before vomiting was induced, we learned that the GM/Segway P.U.M.A. is a two-wheeled, two-seat electric vehicle that relies on the same self-balancing technology as the Segway. The powertrain is apparently still under development, but the current version is equipped with a 35-mile-per-charge lithium-ion battery pack that maxes out at 35 mph. “Yes,” you say, “but what is the point?” According to an overly enthusiastic marketing director, the GM P.U.M.A. “…could allow people to travel around cities more quickly, safely, quietly and cleanly – and at a lower total cost. The vehicle also enables design creativity, fashion, fun and social networking.”

Right, so, yeah, we’ll try not to injure ourselves racing to go put in our pre-orders…

Source: GM

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  1. M. COMENS says:

    ACLU=free speech. Other than that, you’re right on the money.