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GM’s Sales Drop while Hybrids and Camrys give Toyota a Boost

Posted in Cars, General, GM, Toyota by will bee | July 3rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

The June sales numbers for the auto industry have been released and over all numbers are down across the board. GM recorded the largest drop in sales among the competition while Toyota credited the sale of the Prius and Camry, along with their new Tundra, for its increase.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

GM blamed their sales drop in June on their decision to reduce their fleet sales. They also blamed the decline on lower incentive spending for the month of June. Despite recording a 21% loss in total sales across its many brands GM still sold 320,668 cars. Toyota on the other hand sold 245,739 vehicles which turned out to be a 9% increase from June the prior year. Those sales totals include both Toyota and Lexus brand cars.
Until GM begins to put a little more energy into fuel effeciency and the esthetics of their vehicles they may want to reconsider their decision to decline fleet sales. It is true that fleet sales flood the roads with a plentitude of sameness, but with mediocre styling and high volumes that is going to happen anyway. While Toyota’s recent embracing of bold design and their industry leading hybrid technology it is difficult to project them slipping from that #1 World Wide Auto Maker title.


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