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GM’s Project Driveway Brings Hydrogen Fueling Station To JFK Int.’l

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Intending to gauge the real-world sustainability of hydrogen-fueled vehicles, GM launched Project Driveway in 2008, equipping select consumers in the greater New York City, Washington D.C., and L.A. areas with a hydrogen powered Chevrolet Equinox for two month increments.

To accommodate the alternatively-fueled vehicles, GM partner Shell Oil, opened its first hydrogen powered fueling station in White Plains, New York in tandem with Project Driveway’s launch. Today, GM and Shell announced the grand opening of a second hydrogen fueling station at JFK International Airport, to be followed be a third opening in the Bronx later this summer.

“These partnerships are critical to building the infrastructure that will make hydrogen a relevant alternative fuel in the future as well as a key to the ongoing success of Project Driveway,” said Larry Burns, GM vice president of R&D and Strategic Planning. Added Duncan Macleod, Shell vice president of Hydrogen, “The prospects for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are strong in the longer-term. This first cluster is an important step as we continue to build capability in retailing hydrogen fuel, in line with the auto makers’ plans to develop hydrogen vehicles.”

Source: GM

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