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GMC might actually approve Granite Concept for production.

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GMC Granite Concept

I first laid eyes on the GMC Granite concept car back in January when I attended the Washington DC International Auto Show. With it’s squat compact stance, chopped roof line and bulldog looks the Granite was truly an eye catcher for such a small vehicle. It also had this funky two-toned interior and suicide doors which helped shoot its cool factor through the roof. There was however one problem in the fact that the Granite had a GMC badge on the front of it. Although it looked like a little truck, it was more of a compact car and if you know anything about GMC then you know that they only build trucks and SUVs, it’s that simple.

GMC Granite Concept

Now it looks as though things are going to change at GMC because the Granite might possibly get the green light for production. Obviously what you’re seeing here is a concept car so it’s unclear if GMC will be able to hang on to those awesome suicide doors. If they do though it would not only mark a new vehicle segment for GMC but would gain them a newer, much younger audience as well.

GMC Granite Concept

I think that a main factor to the Granites success (if it comes to market) will hinder on the fact that this car MUST be kept a GMC and not be used as a crossover between GMC and Chevrolet. For example, the last thing I want to see is the burly looking Granite on a GMC lot and then a womanized Chevy version called the “Pebble” or something, that would just aggravate the shit out of me and totally devalue the coolness factor of the Granite. I am hoping that GM gives the green light to the Granite project as I think that it has the looks and presence to stand with the other offerings from GMC.

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