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GMC and Hasbro to sanction another Transformer for the road

Posted in Movie Cars by will bee | July 14th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

GMC Hasbro Tranformers Ironhide 

Thirty-some years ago George Lucas revolutionized the marketing of movies by joining forces with Hasbro and releasing a long running series of Star Wars toys for kids and fans. Hasbro then cashed in with the Tranformers toys with the tv series and animated movie for those toys. Today the same little kids that swarmed over those Hasbro toys when they were younger all all adults, and most of them still yearn for their childhood toys in some way. Even though some of those adults will still be purchasing the toys based on the movie (and some will be buying those toys for their children so that they themselves can play with them), Hasbro has something in mind for the adults aimed just to satisfy the kid in them. Hasbro and GMC are looking to build to sell trucks based on the one built as Ironhide for the Transformers movie.

GMC Hasbro Transformers Ironhide

The idea of seeing that mega-pickup rolling down some suburban street while all the kids in the yards either run for cover or pursue on bikes seems amusing to me. But that is just what Monroe Equipment would like to see since they are the ones who customized Ironhide out of the GMC Sierra HD 3500 Dually. Monroe Equipment will also be the ones building the truck for sale after a few modest changes for legal purposes. Otherwise the street release of this behemoth truck will have the same 6.6 Duramax Diesel engine and a 16,000 pound winch just like the truck in the movie.

Although the sales price for the Ironhide clones has not been announced it seems certain their are a few grown kids looking for just such a toy to call their own. I look forward to coming across one on the road in the future and will probably gawk at it with awkward amazement (and then make some joke about the driver). The only question I have for Monroe Equipment is whether they are going to leave the large Autobot insignia on the tailgate for the reproductions?

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2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    ..this is something to gawk at.. a big gas guzzler…

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