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GM Third Row Seats have become Hot items for Thieves

Posted in Design, GM by will bee | August 11th, 2007 | 1 Response |


It has been reported out of Long Beach, California that GM’s removable third row seats in SUV’s such as the Tahoe and Yukon have become a hot commodity with thieves. The fact that the seats are unmarked and general interchangeable makes them rather appealing. It also helps that they are built to be easily removed despite their weight.

When purchasing your GM SUV the seats are a factory add-on that costs a mere $460. However, on the re-sale market the fold-down seats can run over twice that amount.

The Long Beach Police Department is offering up a solution to owners who wish to protect their investment. The Department is offering to engrave the third row seats for owners to provide some form of tracking if the seats were to be stolen. As it is now GM seats do not come with any registration or factory tracking numbers. The engravings will be placed in a number of hidden locations on the seats to help prevent thieves from removing them.

GM may not have any identification numbers on their seats now, but maybe that is something they will be looking into if the occurence of these third row seating thefts becomes an epidemic.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Where do you find 3rd row car seat replacements