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GM Sinks $250M Into Engine Production For Chevy Volt, Cruze

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After apparently receiving favorable news from the Treasury Department, GM has released a statement assuring the public they will still be investing $250 million into the reconstruction of their Flint, Michigan plant in order to accommodate engine production of GM’s new 1.4-liter 4-cylinder Family 0. Intended for use beneath the hood of both the Chevy Volt and Chevy Cruze, the Family 0 engine’s unique technology has required GM to acquire costly new machinery and equipment, yet possess the long-term potential to be a very profitable investment. By “recycling” the Flint plant, GM will not only spare themselves the cost of retooling, but will also create the most flexible and competitive engine manufacturing lines in the world.

Initial preparation for the new equipment installation will begin this spring, and GM aims to begin production of 4-banger Family 0 in December of 2010.

Source: General Motors
Image Cred: AP Photo by Jerry S. Mendoza

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