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GM Rethinks the Heads-up Display

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GM Heads Up Display

If you have ever driven one of the more recent Corvettes then you’ve seen GM’s awesome heads up display. Currently it displays speed, RPM’s and g-forces right up there on your windshield. This is all very cool stuff, but what if it could do more? How much more you ask… well, how does this sound.

“We’re looking to create enhanced vision systems,” says Thomas Seder, group lab manager-GM R&D. His team is working with Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Southern California, as well as other institutions, to create a full windshield head-up system leveraging night vision, navigation and camera-based sensor technologies to improve driver visibility and object detection ability.

GM Heads Up Display
Take a look at the demonstration video by clicking here.

“Let’s say you’re driving in fog, we could use the vehicle’s infrared cameras to identify where the edge of the road is and the lasers could ‘paint’ the edge of the road onto the windshield so the driver knows where the edge of the road is,” Seder said.

Think about how cool and wonderful this is from a safety standpoint. Cars are getting more and more advanced, and things that were science fiction just 30 years ago are now coming to fruition. It’s a fun time to be part of the automotive industry as the technology that is being developed is very exciting.

Source: GM

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