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GM Releases LNF Turbo Upgrade Kit For Select Models

Posted in Car Tech, Cars, Chevrolet, GM, Pontiac, Saturn by Suzanne Denbow | December 18th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

For 2009, the GM Performance Division has decided to bestow a gift upon select GM owners by introducing a new, more powerful edition of their LNF Turbo Upgrade kits. Available for installation on the Chevy HHR SS, Saturn Sky Redline, and Pontiac Solstice GXP, the LNF Upgrade Kits pack on the pounds-feet and hike up the rev-limiter – all without voiding the terms of the factory warranty. In addition, this year GM has also claimed they’ve unlocked the “learn” feature that previously prevented the increase of power output above factory levels.

Unfortunately, the software itself is still locked, so until some enterprising young tuner finds a way to hack the MAF, GM customers still under warranty will have to settle for the mods already approved by the General. For Solstice and Sky models equipped with a manual tranny, the LNF will boost the 2.0L ecoTEC’s torque output to 340 pounds-feet, while the auto versions will get a jump to 325 lb-ft. For the Chevy HHR SS, torque levels are raised to 315 lb-ft while rev limiters jump to 6,500 rpm (providing for 2-3 shifts at 60 mph). While all that torque and no extra ponies to strap it to might seem like cruel and unusual punishment to some, GM’s generosity with the boost in the 2009 LNF Upgrade Kit isn’t anything to scoff at, especially if you’re still bound by the terms your warranty (plus, anything is better than stock).

Source: TunerSource.GMBlogs

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