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GM Releases List Of Doomed Plants, Confirms Plans For Small Car

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Forging full-steam ahead with Operation Grab-Your-Ankles, General Motors released the details of its future plant closures today, including a complete list of all the affected facilities. Of the 47 GM plants currently in operation on U.S. soil, 14 of them will be shuttered by 2012 (13 by 2010), as well as 3 service and parts operation warehouses. Attempting to slather some icing on the shit sandwich, GM also announced that one of the plants scheduled for indefinite idle will be reopened sometime in the future to produce GM’s new small car.

In a statement,  GM Group Vice President of Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations Gary Cowger explained, “Our manufacturing operations, which already are among the most productive in the industry, will emerge even leaner, stronger and more flexible, as part of the New GM. Flexible manufacturing enables us to quickly respond to consumer preferences and changing market conditions.” Which, for those of you less fluent in flowery corporate prose, roughly translates to: “We’re going to be jumping on the compact car bandwagon, which means all of our cars are still going to suck, they’ll just be smaller. Except for the Camaro, which we’ll probably let run for another 5 years or so before we find a way to screw it up and kill it off, again.”

Hit the jump for a complete list of all the affected facilities.

 June 1, 2009 U.S. GM Manufacturing Optimization Plan Actions

Plant Status / Timing
(date listed or sooner depending on market demand)
Orion, Mich. Standby Capacity – September 2009
Pontiac, Mich. Close – October 2009
Spring Hill, Tenn. Standby Capacity – November 2009
Wilmington, Del. Close – July 2009
Grand Rapids, Mich. Close – June 2009 (previously announced)
Indianapolis, Ind. Close – December 2011
Mansfield, Ohio Close – June 2010
Pontiac, Mich. Standby Capacity – December 2010
Livonia Engine, Mich. Close – June 2010
Flint North Components, Mich. Close – December 2010
Willow Run Site, Mich. Close – December 2010
Parma Components, Ohio Close – December 2010
Fredericksburg Components, Virg. Close – December 2010
Massena Castings, N.Y. ClosedMay 1, 2009 (previously announced)
Service & Parts Operations (SPO)
Warehousing & Parts Distribution Centers
Boston, Mass. Close – December 31, 2009
Jacksonville, Fla. Close – December 31, 2009
Columbus, Ohio Close – December 31, 2009

Source: GM
Image Cred: Getty Images

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