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GM News Explosion on Twitter

Posted in auto industry, Buick, Cadillac, Cars, Chevrolet, Concept Cars, Detroit, GM, Newsworthy by Adam | August 10th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept 2

The Lutz is tweeting! The Lutz is tweeting! Try to get that awful, avian nightmare-vision out of your head…

It’s been going down on twitter today. GM officials are letting it hang low and exposed through the wonder of digital, 140 character news bursts.

Well, technically it ain’t the Lutz, nor is it actually GM execs. According to sources at AutoBlog and TheCarLounge, GM is holding a hell of a PR shindig today involving members of its PR team, about 100 members of the public and a gaggle of social media hacks and flunkies. Thank the burnt rubber baron in the sky for smart-phones. The flood of good GM news has been hitting twitter like… well… a flood. Here’s some highlights. Try to keep it in your shorts.

– New compact Cadillac concept under the letters ATS is unveiled. Bimmer 3s, get ready for a fight.

— GM has a working CTS Sportwagon mule. Real deal could show up within the next year.

— CTS Coupe to arrive in May.

— New mid-size Buick to arrive within the next 24 months.

— New Malibu unveiled, will reach production in 2012.

— Caddy DTS replacement renamed XTS will ride on Buick LaCrosse platform and will be available in AWD.

— G8 (!) picked up from butcher’s floor. Potentially will wear Chevy badge. Lutz says “4-Door Corvette.”

Hot damn.

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