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GM May Sell the First Chevy Volts on eBay

Posted in auto industry, Car Auctions, Car Buying, Chevrolet, eBay Motors, General, New Cars, Newsworthy by Nathan Redden | July 23rd, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


I smell a little overhype by the car blogs, but I’ve got two cents burning a hole in my pocket, so what the hell. There are rumblings that General Motors will be selling Volts on eBay. The idea is that the highly anticipated electric car can yield the sticker premium it deserves without dealers looking like greedy A-holes in the process. Chevrolet brand manager Ed Peper was quoted as saying, “It’s something that’s definitely crossed our mind.” Some people are making it sound like GM will be completely circumventing the dealers and screwing them out of desperately needed revenue. Not quite.

Yes, WCF, this would help GM recoup the massive costs incurred while engineering the Volt, but will that be any more than a drop in the bucket of billions spent in research and development? At best, expect the first few production units or possibly the first full batch to be listed with the site. If anything resembling a large number of cars goes to auction, dealers will have suits filed faster than a GT-R warranty being voided.

[autocar via worldcarfans]

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