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GM Mans Up, Prepares To Launch New HUMMER H3T

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After effectively scaring off what few prospective buyers they had left by publicly placing HUMMER in the stocks, GM has apparently grown a pair and decided to finish what they started. Although they haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of selling off the line, GM has committed themselves to an aggressive new marketing campaign aimed at promoting the release of the new HUMMER H3T pick-up truck. Said HUMMER general manager Martin Walsh, “Launching the H3T is valuable to us whether we opt to keep the brand or not.”

GM admits that rising gas prices and lagging truck sales will make the HUMMER H3T a difficult sale, but they are willing to forge ahead regardless. Scheduled to begin in October 2008 and run through 2009, Walsh explained that the campaign’s primary focus will be “…communicat[ing] to the prospective purchaser that we’ve got a pickup truck.”

Careful not to tread in uncharted waters, traditional media ads will aim the HUMMER H3T at 30-something males who average an annual income of around $90,000 and are heavily into outdoor sports/activities. The ads, which are still in the development stage, will push the HUMMER H3T has a vehicle that will allow the extreme sports enthusiast access to areas traditional off-road vehicles wouldn’t while simultaneously offering the utility of a full-size, 4×4 pick-up truck.

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