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GM Lab Introduces Buick Avant Concept, First Buick We’ve Liked In Years

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One of the more attractive features of the new GM is their consumer feedback project dubbed “The Lab.” Dedicated to “total transparency” and “transforming the ownership experience,” the GM Lab delivers new product ideas directly from the boardroom to the bandwidth, allowing the public to offer immediate feedback.

Usually, this is the part where we’d unleash our unflinching scorn on whatever spectacular piece of crap GM was trying to slap a Buick badge on this time, but circumstances are a little, uh, different. Surprisingly enough, we actually like the Buick Avant and if executed correctly, it has the potential to be a serious contender in the compact luxury market. Based purely on what we can glean from the renderings, the Avant Concept appears to share roughly the same dimensions as the Audi TT but its designation as a “premium city car” puts it squarely in the MINI Cooper’s demographic.

Since the bulk of any concept’s “fantastic” features are usually altered or removed altogether in the production version, we aren’t wasting too much time fawning over the luggage porter or the “Move Over” mode. The mark of a truly successful premium car is its ability to successfully combine performance and handling in a considerably smaller package, a failure to do so which cannot be compensated by gimmicky futuristic gadgets. The stunning design coaxed us to take the bait, now we need a turbocharged 4-cylinder to reel us in. Don’t screw this one up, GM.

GM Lab via AutoBlog

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One Response

  1. TRL says:

    As a Mini Cooper owner I can say if GM could actually make this drive like a Mini I would definitely consider switching. Somehow I doubt they will. The ride will be softer, the seats not as good, probably no manual. Result, no me.

    I really I hope they do it right. Doesn’t need to be cheaper. As good or better performance, with Buick as apposed to BMW reliability and parts pricing, and no goofy dashboard would be a winner.