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GM is forcasting some new shades of Green for future Hummers

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gm Hummer H2

In a recent announcement GM has with brief detail exposed their plans to Green-up the image of the Hummer. While there seemed to have been some minor efforts before (can the H3 really be considered an effort? it’s smaller, right?), the new plans by GM do not really seem to be much of a breakthrough.

gm hummer h2Since its release for general consumption the Hummer brand has had a reputation as a tough utility machine. Where as a Prius is built as an energy miser, the Hummer is designed to conquer both the road and the landscape. And as any conquering force must, the Hummer consumes vast amounts of energy to achieve its mission. However, when the image of the conquerer is faced up against a market of energy misers it might be time to try to blend in.  …just a little bit.
Therefore GM has decided to camouflage their Conquering utility Tonka with a little badge of Green. In 2009 GM has announced that the Hummer H2 engines will be able to run on E85 fuel. The same E85 alternative will also be available in 2010 for the H3 and the yet to be released H4 models. Then in the year 2011 GM will be making a diesel engine available for the Hummer line-up.

So while GM may not be making any efforts to curb the actual consumption of energy in their Hummer engines they are hoping to at least get credit for converting to Green Fuels. For further details on the Green initiatives for GM’s future Hummers check out the following sources:

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