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GM Delays Launch Of Chevy Cruze Amid Ambigious Concerns

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Apparently seeking to ensure a “flawless launch” of the 2011 Chevy Cruze, GM has elected to push the production date back a solid three months to avoid any hasty mistakes. Thanks in no small part to the hefty chunk of government cheddar in their wallets, reports from the GM camp have been overwhelmingly positive following their emergence from bankruptcy restructuring this past summer. The decision to delay the launch of the Cruze seems to stand in stark contrast to all the somewhat contrived good news, but GM assures it’s no cause for alarm. As opposed to a subtle indication of a market still faltering, GM has cited the reasons behind the decision as purely precautionary.

Despite the spike inspired by the Cash for Clunkers program in late summer, sales dropped a whopping 45% last month and are down a reported 36.4% for the year. By postponing the Cruze’s production debut, GM hopes to circumvent the worst of the economic recovery process and hit consumers right as the spending spree so widely touted by analysts begins.

Source: DetNews

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