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GM Cancels Development Of Duramax 4.5L V8 Diesel Engine

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Obviously circling the wagons in anticipation of yet another attack by marauding bands of debtors, GM announced today that an “indefinite hold” would be placed on further development of their 4.5L V8 Duramax Diesel engine. Originally intended to debut as a fuel-efficient engine option beneath the hood of the 2010 Chevy Silverado, GM claims the worsening economic climate has forced them to cancel the project. Expected to offer a much-needed alternative to GM’s current heavy duty 6.6L V8 diesel, the 4.5L diesel would have provided a more cost-effective version of the 6.6L’s power and fuel-efficiency to the light duty truck market. Similar in theory to Ford’s EcoBoost engine, GM’s 4.5L V8 used patented technology to eliminate the need for exhaust and intake manifolds, using an in-house developed 2-mode hybrid system to boost fuel efficiency a rumored 40%.

Fortunately, GM assures that the 4.5L V8 has not been cancelled entirely and, if they can manage to get their act together, could debut on the Chevy Silverado during a later model year. Until GM regains their footing, however, the project will remain paused.

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