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GM Brings Performance Vehicle Division Back To Life

Posted in auto industry, Cars, Chevrolet, Corner Carvers, Detroit, GM, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | August 25th, 2010 | 7 Responses |
2011 Chevy Aveo RS Concept

Chevy Aveo RS Concept. Photo: General Motors

If you’re a fan of GM, I’ve got good news for you: Jim Campbell has officially been named as the VP of GM’s Performance Vehicles and Motorsports division. GM had shelved development of performance cars prior to the bailout, but after posting a $1.3 billion profit in Q2, the lights are back on in the skunkworks.

If 4WheelsNews is correct, we can expect to see less emphasis on tuning cars like the Camaro (which will get a long awaited Z28 version early in 2011) and more emphasis on building affordable, fuel efficient performance variants of cars like the Cruze and the Aveo. With Draconian CAFE standards looming on the horizon, enthusiasts should begin to embrace a “less is more” mentality. As Bob Hall, father of the original Miata once said, “If you can’t go fast with 90 horsepower, 900 horsepower probably isn’t going to help you”.

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7 Responses

  1. Concept Carl says:

    Performance Camaro …yes. Performace Cruze and Aveo…isn’t that an oxymoron ?

  2. Kurt says:

    Welcome to the new reality of unattainable CAFE numbers. Things are going to be real interesting come 2016.

  3. Greg says:

    Now taking pre-orders for the VOLT-SS

  4. LazyLemming says:

    I’m glad, I’ve always loved the bow tie. And Concept Carl, the Cobalt SS was actually a pretty spiffy little car if you wanted mileage and performance. With the Aveo’s 2200lbs, I bet you could get some go in that thing too, though I’m not sure if god himself could fix the handling. I drove one for Napa, we called em ice skates.

  5. Kurt says:

    LazyLemming, what I REALLY want to see is the 5 door hatchback version of the Cruze that Holden built, but in SS trim.

  6. Jeff Clark says:

    it’s a Daewoo ! there is so much wrong with the 2012 Aveo Sport that the NTSB should not let it be sold in the USA, as pointed out in other articles this 2012 is the same car as the current one with a different look that’s all.
    if they sell them for $900. I will buy one just to trash it out, I would not buy one and have people I love and strangers subject to this unsafe cheap POS Government Motors is a joke and I just say a report yesterday that 50% of all GM sales are Government purchased, Thanks Allot Obama

  7. BigRuss says:

    seein that they revealed the Sonic… the Aveo RS looks eerily like Sonic… sooo yeah i want one know… specially if i can drop that Regal Turbo motor in it…