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GM-based 2009 Saab 9-7X Mercifully Killed Off For Good

Posted in 4x4, auto industry, Cadillac, Car Branding, Car Reviews, Cars, Chevrolet, European Review, Expensive Cars, General, GM, Luxury Cars, Saab by Corey | July 15th, 2009 | 8 Responses |
2009 Saab 9-7X Aero

2009 Saab 9-7X Aero

The ties that bind Saab to General Motors will apparently continue with the 2011 9-4X replacement of the much-maligned 9-7X vehicle. The 9-7X, essentially a revised Chevrolet TrailBlazer, sold just 3,660 units in the United States last year. So what can we expect from this continued partnership that has decidedly NOT worked for Saab? Hopefully not more of the same.


Sales of Saab are down drastically across all models. Through May, Saab has sold 4,607 vehicles in the United States, down from 10,196 in the same period last year. Saab sold 93,295 vehicles globally in 2008. After sale of the Swedish brand to tiny and exclusive automaker Koenigsegg, Saab plans to continue the 9-3 and to redesign the 9-5 in 2010. Despite its pending sale, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson said that the Detroit automaker would continue to “provide support in terms of power train and other technologies” for a new crossover. GM’s European operations are designing the 9-4X, which is expected to be based a front-wheel-drive platform.

9-4X Concept Vehicle: Here's Hoping It Doesn't Suck

9-4X Concept Vehicle: Here's Hoping It Doesn't Suck

The outgoing (and we aren’t talking personality here) Saab 9-7x is rated as one of the worst vehicles in its class, largely because it fails to break free from its GM shackles. Not to mention that whether you think the trailblazer is a good car or not, why would you pay an extra premium for the 9-7X? Having the ignition between the seats only goes so far.

The 9-7x comes in two variants: a six-cylinder or a 2-grand extra V8. The in-line 4.2-liter six produces 290 horses, while the 5.3-liter V8 knocks out a neat 300. Thanks to GM’s Active Fuel Management system, the EPA rates both engines at 15 mpg city and 21 mpg highway in highway driving. For an extra two grand, the 5.3-liter mill also provides 53 ft.-lbs. more twist and an aggressive engine growl that’s distinctly lacking from the I6.

Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Saab’s may be born from Jets, but at 4,781lbs the V8 9-7x moves like a tank. As a side note, the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS has a 395 horsepower version of Corvette’s 6.0-liter LS2 engine that hauls itself from zero to sixty in about six seconds, and hits the quarter in 14. The 9-7x’ engines are coupled to a clunky four-speed transmission that needs time to ponder when to shift when passing other vehicles on the highway.


Inside, if you took off the Saab badging you’d have a hard time distinguishing the 9-7X from any other substandard GM product not called Cadillac or G8. Complaints of interior workmanship are so common, it hardly seems necessary to list them all here again. But poor fit and lower quality materials are the usual suspects as usual. Not that the 9-7X is Aveo-like quality, but considering the price (over $41,000) one would expect better.

Speaking of price, the Saab 9-7x is about $5k more than a similarly equipped Chevy TrailBlazer and roughly $2k more than a similarly-equipped Corvette-powered TrailBlazer SS. Making the price, definitely wrong. Bring on the 9-4X! Or better yet, stick with AWD cars.

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8 Responses

  1. Laine says:

    I bought a 9-7x Aero- a variant with the 6.0L V-8 producing 390 HP- for $28k brand new. That included, among other options, satellite radio subscription, navigation, DVD player, 20″ aluminium wheels, and more.

    Calling this an upscale Blazer SS is fine by me. I’ll blow past any other SUV on the road not named Porsche, Mercedes, or Infiniti. The only real drawbacks are that the styling is too close to it’s GMC Envoy cousin and the 4-speed tranny is stuck in the 90s.

    But for $28k brand new, I feel this is one of the better SUV buys on the market. I really don’t like it when a writer talks about price as being fixed at MSRP; please do the research to find out what these units are actually selling for.

  2. Geoff says:


    I’m glad you like your car. The fact you still enjoy it in the face of the automotive press hating it is what makes car ownership so special, and why RideLust even exists. Doing “research” on how much you were personally able to buy a new car for is impractical however. For instance, I know that right now in certain places consumers can pick up a new Caliber for 7-grand, but to say that is the price is misleading. At no point did we say new car prices are “fixed at MSRP.” We all know that there is some haggling that is possible in car buying, but using the MSRP is the only reasonable way in which to compare cars to one another with so many other variables at work. Thanks for reading.

  3. Dennis says:


    Where did you get yours? Id love to know.

    For 28k, i think that id pick one up too!

    You can email me at dsamobor32 (at) gmail.com

  4. NZSAAB says:

    Hi ya’ll,

    Im from New Zealand and Im so jelous that we cannot get the 9-7x here!

    I am a huge fan of Saab Automobile, Saab Aircraft and Scania Trucks. The 9-7x is by far my dream Saab. The 9-7x Aero with its 6.0 V8 is the most powerful Saab automobile ever. 9-7x Aero is also the most expensive Saab car ever.

    This car has been so badly bashed by the media and alot of Saab nuts its just nolonger interesting to read about it. This car is everything I could ever ask for. Its powerful, its comfortable, its an attractive design, its more refined than the Chevy and its a Saab. Oh and lets not forget that ignition! SWEET!

    I think people need to count their lucky stars that it was the 9-7x that eventuated and not the 9-6x (A rebadged Subaru Tribica) I saw the prototypes of it and it was SICK!

    If the 9-7x wasnt bashed by media it would have sold more. Consumers get put off by the sort of comments that this ridelust website have to say.

  5. I have a 97x aero and it does do a 14 in the 104 it does a 12.87 intake and tune only!! its also.gone 12.2 on 100 shot dry!! This is a poor write up maybe you should check out youtube channel dirty30ls1 or tatudmarine… This thing is far from slow… And the zero of it smokimg the z06 corvette will prove you wrong!!

  6. Laine join tbssowners

    I picked mine up two minths ago for 18k!! And I earned the title fastest saab in the world a wk later…

    Mods are;
    Fenderwell intake 4″
    No cats
    Ngk t6s
    Msd wires
    Ported and polished throttle body
    3600 stall converter
    And Dirty30 full tune

  7. Jim Blaine says:

    Last year we purchased a 2005 Saab 9-7X 5.3 for 10K, drove it for 6 months, and sold it for 10K. We liked it so much that we purchased a 2009 9-7X 4.2 for 20K.
    We also own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.
    My wife prefers her Saab. She has a point. The Saab has heated leather seats, a moonroof, a backup camera, better visability, similar mpg and styling that is pleasing and different. Most importantly, it is AWD and is fun to drive.

    Since the powertrain is GM and has a 100K warranty, we plan to keep this one.

    Jim Blaine, Springfield MO

  8. Todd A says:

    You gotta love these rags that just bash anything American regadless of how good it really is.

    It makes laugh that you publish an opinion that flies in the face of everyone who commented here.

    Oh well, go ahead and throw your money at something Asian or European. If it makes you feel special or “better” thats cool. Whatever circle you spend your time in must need some more haughtiness.