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GM AGL-4: General Purpose Logistical Truck

Posted in Classic, General, GM by MrAngry | March 29th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Aside from the tree hugging hippies of the era I have to say that I love the 1960’s. From a style and design standpoint it was a transition decade which gave birth to not only new technology, but to new ways of thinking. The U.S. Military was the big dog on the block, it was a prosperous time for families and life was generally pretty good. Technological advancements were on the upswing and nowhere was it more prevalent than in the automotive and aerospace industries. The above video shows the development of the AGL-4, a 4×4 off road military mobility vehicle designed by GM. Powered by a Chevrolet Corvair engine the AGL-4 looked to be pretty impressive and aside from being a bit underpowered, I’d be curious to know why GM didn’t produce it. If anyone has any further details on the AGL-4 we’d love to know more about it. Shoot me an email at mike@ridelust.com, if you’ve got the 411 on this baby.

Source: Hemmings Blog

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