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Girl Bikers: Harley-Davidson’s ‘Bikes, Camera, Action!’ Contest Winners

Posted in Girls, Harley Davidson, Motorcycle, Newsworthy, Videos by Vito Rispo | December 16th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Last Thursday night, Harley-Davidson had a premiere party for the winners of its “Bikes, Camera, Action!” film contest. The company wanted to encourage female filmmakers to “capture the passion, spirit, independence, and empowerment that embodies the spirit of female riders”. Which roughly translates to “we want to empower females to buy our motorcycles”. That’s not a bad thing though, the market for motorcycles is traditionally a male dominated one, and that 10-15% of female riders is generally ignored by manufacturers. HD is showing their female customers some love, and hopefully inspiring some new ones.

The winner of the contest was Victoria Rose Sampson with her short film Her Need for Speed. Sampson received $5,000, a High Def video camera, and a custom Harley-Davidson leather jacket for the win. Read on to see the winning video, plus the two runner-up videos:

Winner – Victoria Rose Sampson’s ‘Her Need for Speed’

Runner Up – Melissa Kosar’s ‘Girls Night Out’

Runner Up – Marta Masferrer’s ‘Here Comes the Bride’

This last one is the best of the three films and it should have been the winner in my opinion. I’m going to take a guess here and assume that the only reason it didn’t win outright is because the other two films match up better with HD’s real female demographic. It’s not young, newly married women who are buying Harley-Davidson motorcycles; it’s the women who are a little bit more ‘mature’. Smart business move by HD, not so honest creative move.

Still, it’s good to see a company encouraging female riders. This isn’t all they’re doing either, Harley has a whole section of their website devoted to women, and published We Ride, a 48 page guide to riding with information specifically for females. Information for new riders trying to get into riding, ideas on how and where women can learn to ride and the best way to fit a motorcycle for a woman’s ergonomic needs. You can download the whole thing here in PDF form.

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  1. Bob G says:

    The first film deserved first place for sure.Brilliant piece of work.