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…Get yourself some Chocolate Diesel.

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Diesel, Emissions by will bee | November 18th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Andy Pag is taking part in the world’s first carbon negative expedition using biodiesel fuel made with waste chocolate There seems to be a number of people and firms and companies out there looking for the next alternative fuel. We have had numerous suggestions from corn to methane to sugar cane to algae to electricity derived from the sun. But the latest news of a new entrant into the alternative fuel hunt is the sweetest of them all. A company called Ecotec out of the UK is taking the waste from a Chocolate Factory and turning it into 100% bio-diesel. And to prove the effectiveness of their delicious alternative fuel (no, the fuel is not edible but the idea is pretty sweet) they plan to drive their chocolate fueled car from the UK to Timbuktu. At a cost of 15 pence a litre (approx. $1.16 US per gallon) that is a far more affordable trip than if it were fueled by regular diesel.

To learn more about Chocolate Diesel and the UK company Ecotec check out the article link here. It also comes with a video interview.

Source [LEP.UK via AutoBlogGreen]

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One Response

  1. Brad says:

    Pretty awesome idea. Ultimately, what its looking like here is that there are plenty of alternate fuels out there. Perhaps none as abundant as oil, but if we can recycle cans and bottles and re-use that energy, I don’t see why we can’t recycle other everyday bi-products and turn them into fuels just like all these people seem to be doing.
    So, is it really a fuel crisis? Or are people just uneducated and suckered into buying $3/gal of fuel for their everyday needs? This article alone lists approximately 6 different types of fuel, not to mention countless other types touched on by Ridelust and those not.
    I propose we remove the oil company’s, or have them start producing fuel recycling facilities, a community type thing. Everyone brings in their wasted bi-products, oil company converts it into fuel, less waste, cheaper fuel, better alternative.