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German Man Builds Ducati V8: “Project Elenore”

Posted in Bizarre, Café Racers, Ducati, Motorcycle, Videos by MrAngry | October 20th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Ducati V8 Engine

Motorcycle engines come in a host of different configurations. There’s the V-twin, inline-4, parallel twin, V4, V6 and the triple and by some miracle of modern engineering they all seem to work well on a regular basis. The one that has eluded us though has been the much coveted V8. Sure, there have been those who have shoehorned a small block Chevy between the rails of a Harley, but for the most part the V8 motorcycle is something of a myth. Enter Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein, the German man who has a flare for Italian motorcycles.

Somewhere along the line Dieter got the crazy idea that he wanted to build a V8 engine out of an original V-twin 900ss air-cooled Ducati. Looking at the video you can see that the engine design is quite ingenious in the fact that it actually uses a connecting rod arrangement that utilizes the original crankshaft from the Ducs original 2-cylinder mill – crazy right? With a 56mm cylinder bore and 44mm stroke the total displacement comes out to an impressive 868cc, all of which fits in the Ducati’s original frame – talk about thinking outside the box!

Ducati V8 Engine

The engine has yet to be fired, but is said to generate about 80 hp, about the same as the Ducati’s original 900ss V-twin set-up. Progressive thinking like this is one reason that I love being tied to automobiles and motorcycles as you simply never know what kind of new advancements are going to surface. Way to go Dieter… way to go.

Source: TheKneeSlider.com

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3 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    Going through all the trouble to build a “motorcycle V8″ that almost matches the output of an original V-Twin?? Not worth the effort. There have been Hayabusa V8’s floating around for a few years now and if you can cram a big, honking V8 into a cycle frame then I believe one of these would fit also.


  2. Galane says:

    How can they say it makes 80 horsepower when it hasn’t yet been run? There would have to be a lot more friction than the 2 cylinder.

  3. Léon says:

    Its beatyfull.