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George Barris of Barris Kustom

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Barris Customs

George Barris is generally known to be the “King of the Customizers”. He’s created some of the most well known and celebrated custom cars that the world has ever seen including the original Batmobile, the Black Beauty from the Green Hornet and the Munster’s Coach. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s his cars were a part of the Southern California landscape and because of that Barris became an inspiration to many. In recent years Barris has taken a stab at creating some new modern customs, but quite honestly they don’t hold a candle to the machines that he created in his heyday. The following video takes a quick look at Barris Customs with the man himself explaining how, when he first started out, there was no real technology to speak of. Metal cutting was done with shears with all the exterior panels being formed on an english wheel or by hand. Looking back on his creations and listening to Mr. Barris now, it’s pretty amazing to think about what he created without the use of computers and or modern technology.

Source: MotoMavens via RalfBecker.com

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  1. Albert says:

    George Barris is a master show boatsman. While he has some legit claims to creating some cars like the Batmobile and the Munster Coach. He’ll slap his name to others creations like the Black Beauty which was actually designed and built by Dean Jeffries. Jeffries didn’t buy the car back at the end of the Green Hornet’s run on TV, so Barris picks it up for a couple hundred bucks and slaps his name on it and gets the merchandising rights. He’s done that on more than one occasion to Jeffries. Another example is Herbie the love Bug. It’s pretty well documented that Disney built all of the Herbie’s in house at the studio, and farming out performance built cars to EMPI and Speed Unlimited throughout the the run of the films. He’ll also claim that Herbie got the number 53 cause he made 53 Herbies. There wasn’t even 53 built over the course of the first 4 movies. The General Lee he didn’t build, nor did he build the original KITTs or the Back to the Future DeLoreans. He eats up the attention that he gets, so he’ll say he built what ever he’s asked about cause it’s easier for him to lie and say he built it than to say why he wasn’t approached to build it in the first place.